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Transition Strategy
and Mentorship

for experienced consultants
who want all that's on their
brattiest business and lifestyle wishlist

Next Chapter

What do you want next?

Working one-on-one, we will define your next chapter and create the Transition Strategy for how you change from what you have to what you want next. Then I mentor you through doable action to expedite your accomplishment despite the disruptions, second-guesses, and unknowns inevitable in any creative endeavor.

Having field-tested every type of offer over my decades-long career, I understand the implications of each on clients’ satisfaction and yours! What I don't yet know about the business of consulting after 40 years, I'm humble and connected enough to find out. It's this deep, wide archive - and knowing  which parts to combine and how - that gives you what my other clients have:  more impact and money while working exactly the way you want.

Your Offer Portfolio

Anchoring your Transition Strategy will be an Offer Portfolio, the collection of offers for sharing your knowledge in the way it delivers your best impact and supports your desired lifestyle.

Your Offer Portfolio will include a combination of past, current, and new offers. We will weave together the intricacies of pricing and scope, process and delivery, promises and messaging. You won't even need to complete every aspect of your Offer Portfolio before you reduce marketing and sales time, simplify back office administration, and focus your precious time on what is most impactful to clients and most rewarding for you. You can use this new-found capacity for more freedom or to build more of what you want next sooner.

It All Comes Together

Our work together will include a combination of one-on-one sessions with me for planning and learning, brief reading and assignments to complete on your own, and between-session email support. We will adapt the specifics of your collaboration to support your individualized strategy and timeline - from just a few weeks to the most typical three to six months.

Throughout our engagement, you have access to my trusted relationships, proven resources, pop-up lectures, operational tools, course corrections, and momentum builders – all you’ll need to accomplish your most audacious version of what’s next.

Together we will create more client impact and lucrative income sources as you:

  • hone precisely what you want for the next chapter, personally and professionally

  • create an individualized Transition Strategy for certain accomplishment

  • design an Offer Portfolio combining offers, programs, and content products around your most valuable impact, doing work you love the way you want

  • define the Ideal Client that wants your best work

  • create a doable Action Plan based on your available budget and timeline

  • benchmark progress with a simple Dashboard

  • progress check and course correct strategy

  • access ad hoc advice, a vast archive of content, trusted relationships, and proven resources with lifeline emails

  • practice the mindset, tools, processes, and habits to adapt and grow as your life and the market changes in the future


Supporting all of this work are digital copies of my educational resources:

Solo Shift™ Workbook from the program that started it all, the workbook teaches you how to build a program - replacing billable hours, proposals, and bids with predictable, recurring, and scalable revenue.

Peer Power™ Workbook that tells you exactly how-to setup another profitable and impactful revenue stream based on one of my most lucrative and impactful program models, The Circle of Trust™.

Select content from my vast archive when I see what would be helpful to your unique strategy.



Payment plans are available

Is now the time to apply for Next Chapter?

The 30-minute application helps you get clear about what you want from collaboration while giving us both a chance to weigh compatibility and value for this important investment in your next chapter. You should apply IF…

  • you want the freedom to choose how, when, and if you work – perhaps even from anywhere in the world at any time

  • you want to earn more than you are able with hourly, bid, proposals, and other finite pricing models

  • you want to deliver your very best, most impactful work to your clients

  • you know what you want to accomplish next, but not exactly what to do to get it (or you know what to do, but not how to do it)

  • you have accomplished a degree of success in your current practice, including having the financial means to invest in the program without adding stress or hesitance

  • your clients currently average at least $24k a year in engagement fees

  • you are willing to make a significant change in how you do business

  • you are willing and able to prioritize the time, money, energy, and individual capacity to accomplish the program in the agreed timeline

  • you insist on fun AND profit from your work!

My Guarantee

Before, during, and after your investment in Next Chapter, I want you recognize it is among your best business decisions, with valuable tangible and intangible returns. More than financial ROI – you’ll acquire an entrepreneurial mindset, skills, knowledge, and tools to serve your life and business ever after! I guarantee it. Literally.


The Next Chapter program was designed to help you earn a full return on your investment from revenue you can tie to this experience in one, or both, of two ways: either from my advice (like a new pricing model or expense management strategy); and/or from revenue generated by the Offer Portfolio that is a significant work product of the program.  


If you provide evidence of applying this program and my recommendations, and you’ve proactively sought assistance through the mentoring support included in the program and/or additional mentoring from me, and you do not earn revenue equivalent to your investment within six months of launching the first program in your Offer Portfolio, I will give you up to 6, 2-hour sessions for free in order to course correct to a revenue-generating track.


If you decide after experiencing any part or all of Next Chapter, that for any reason adapting your consulting practice no longer is interesting, you'll still have learned valuable knowledge you can apply to other areas of your business and life - easily worth the investment too. You also have the option of continuing any unused sessions mentoring one-on-one with me to further your preferred goals instead. I've worked with hundreds of every sort of entrepreneur and am fully committed to helping you realize your version of fun AND profit.

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