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Proven Results

"My Gawdddd you're good. I’m lovvvvving this process.

You’re really good at getting me un-stuck and on-focus!" 

You could measure the value of my work in the number of exclamation points and all caps in the following clients’ testimonials, shared as written. But the best testimonial is from my decades-enduring career mentoring hundreds of Owners in Greater Kansas City. Some of my clients have hired me for more than 10 consecutive years – and counting – to not just achieve fun and profitable businesses, but keep them so, as their lives and ambitions evolve. 

Leslie Anderson

6+ years in practice, 20+ years in business

“She had me at “precision.” In the six months I worked with Dodie my revenue increased 51%.  Not kidding. It wasn’t easy implementing the processes she taught me and making the changes she guided me to take action on. I wanted precision and to create a cadence that supported me in doing my very best work, so I made the changes. Dodie’s charm, wit, and laser sharp intellect turned what would have been a slog for me into a beautiful flowing experience. I’m forever grateful for having made the investment. Choosing to work with Dodie has been one of the better decisions I’ve made in my life.”


Six months later…


“As an aside, my business is blowing up and I have you to thank for the shift. Not kidding, I’ve billed in this first quarter 23% more than what I billed in all of 2021. And I had to delay new work today. And I had a flash panic attack a few weeks ago, because I thought about what I had said “yes” to and wondered about if I could execute on it all. I’ll be able to WITH the tools I learned from you!!!!!!!!” 

Ann Wylie

20+ years in practice

"Dodie introduced me to new tools, systems and processes that have breathed new life into my 20-year-old writing training firm. As a result of our new direction, we are selling out of tickets for our next workshop, I’ve booked my second European gig (spelled f-r-e-e v-a-c-a-y) this year, and this month will be our most lucrative in history. Don’t believe what they tell you about old dogs and new tricks: Dodie’s got this one standing on a ball, juggling. You won’t believe what she can do for you and your business."

Jenne Fromm

25+ years in practice

"It's the end of April, and I'm booking into 2022 now. And I'm 91% at my money goal booked for 2021, a goal that is nearly double my previous yearly income. Thanks to you, I doubled my money in 1/3 of the time it usually takes!!!! It may look like a lot, but even with EVERYTHING booked, I'm still only "working" a couple of hours a day, 4 days a week (at the most) and 3 weeks a month (at the most). I also have 6 weeks of away time carved out for 2021. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR ME, DODIE! XO”

Michele Burch Ried, MS, ACC

13+ years in practice

“If you are stuck or overwhelmed in creating the Next Chapter in your business, look no further.  Dodie is your person. Dodie put the magic into the experience with incredible insights and talent. She has a way of listening to me and then putting my words into a greater format and program. Not only has Dodie helped me to clarify what I want my next chapter to look like, she is helping me to find the fun and value in what I’m doing.  Dodie is the missing piece that I’ve been looking for to help me create my Next Chapter.”

Patsy Porter, CPA

26+ years in practice

“I’ve never had a systematic way to do my job better. Now I understand why I wasn’t making better progress before. I also learned how to measure and bill for value I previously was giving away to not only increase my income, but provide better-than-ever results for my clients. I offered my new program and soon signed two new clients, billing one $5150 and $5400 for the other – both for services I didn’t used to bill. And I will get these great returns for every client ever after.”

Christina McDowell, PhD

18+ years in practice

"Dodie Jacobi doesn’t just have a job or profession. She has a vocation – a calling. Work with her and you will have a guardian angel by your side; a kick ass sort of angel with riding gear, cuss words, and a mischievous sense of humor. Because she really believes and lives that being an entrepreneur should be done smartly, authentically, and be profitable and fun."

Chris Lane

15+ years in practice

“Dodie has been instrumental in the transformation of my company, as well as myself, personally. Just having a clear filter for decision-making has been huge. She has such broad knowledge of the various facets of business and life. My business, family, and I are all grateful to have Dodie on our side to help us reach our full potential!”

Lauren Dahl

15+ years in practice

"You’re so inspirational!  If we were able to market like you, I’m sure we’d have more work than we could handle!  We’d call it being Dodified!  Do-di-fied:  To be filled with inspiration, the energy, and know-how to leap tall buildings in a single bound, land effortlessly and then convince those scared of heights how easy it is!  I feel like I can take over the world every time I get a Dodie pep talk!”

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