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You may be a

consultant working solo,

but you don't have

to be alone.

Join me and 5-10 of our peers in my next Zoom roundtable

The Consultants Circle of Trust™ is a Zoom virtual roundtable for you and a small group of peers meeting for a full day of immersive and confidential conversation to further your ambitions. Whether you need to bolster your will or are looking for how to execute what you want, I facilitate and share timeless, proven wisdom from my more than 40 years in the fields of consulting, marketing, and small business ownership.

How does this work?

The Consultants Circle of Trust is NOT a networking group or sales generator, but a far more valuable generator of ideas, rightful action, solutions, and enthusiasm. Circle is where you share confidential conversations with others - like-minded and not - that make your business more fun and profitable.


During the Circle session, you can take the day off from your usual leadership role! I’ll facilitate the agenda organized to make the most of our time around the topics you and your peers send ahead. Topics for conversation can be about whatever is top of mind - whether recurring challenges or momentum you want to build on.

Sample Topics From Past Circles

  • I need ideas for how to get new leads.

  • How do I switch from billing by the hour to value-pricing, and how do I determine that price?

  • Should I write a book?

  • I make lists of things I want to do for my practice but never seem to get to the list.

  • What can I outsource to make my time more profitable?

  • How do I stay motivated?

Throughout the day, I'll share what's relevant of my latest and evergreen advice, Pop-Up Lectures, and proven practices developed during my career creating 5- and 6-figure engagements for my consultant clients who work in a wide variety of fields and industries. You and your peers may contribute to the conversation any direct experience about a topic too.

From these six hours together, you'll get more knowledge about the business of consulting, connect with esteemed colleagues, find fresh perspective for your ideas and challenges, hone your focus, and build new energy for your work. Most of all, you'll affirm that indeed: you may be solo, but you are not alone.


Click Book Now to see available dates; attend one or all.



Want to pick your peers?

Coordinate your own group of 5 - 10 attendees to Circle around an agreeable date. To show my gratitude, you'll receive as my gift between half and all of your full investment in the Consultants Circle of Trust program.

Registered attendees accept these conditions of participation:
Tickets are nonrefundable but transferable.
Circles are virtual zoom sessions, private and confidential.
I video records sessions for my sole use to improve and develop content;
no part will ever be made public, nor will it be sent to participants.

Pick Your Peers Fine Print: Hosts who coordinate a group of 5 - 10 people around a mutually-agreeable date with Dodie will receive a credit toward their individual registration based on the number of participants in their session: 50% for 5; 60% for 6; 70% for 7; 80% for 8; 90% for 9; and 100% for 10.

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