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Audacity made real.

This idea you have for what's's kinda wild. So wild, you barely dare whisper it to yourself.

You know what you know well, but now you're heading into new territory. Even when your super power is helping others through change, it’s not so easy to do it for yourself.


So how will you turn that wild inkling into action?


By growing with one who's gone before you, with 40 years of evidence from my own ventures and working individually with hundreds of some of Greater Kansas City’s most accomplished businesses.

Maybe you want to earn more, more predictably. Maybe you want to change how you share your knowledge in that book you’ve been talking about for years. Want a residual income source like an online course? Or want to streamline your marketing to make sales easier? What about freeing up more time with a more efficient back office? Maybe you want to cut back for semi-retirement without cutting back your income. Or maybe you just want to work in a way that feels more authentically you.


Whatever it is you want for your next chapter, you've found your next mentor. And the more audacious your vision, the more fun we're going to have making it a reality.

Together we pinpoint your destination, create your Transition Strategy, and implement through every course correction until we've achieved what you want next.

Bold ambition is my specialty - ideas that are too important to leave this lifetime without making them happen.


You bring your wildest wish.

I'll bring the way. 


Transition strategy and mentorship for experienced consultants

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