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The Check

Early in his career, actor/comedian Jim Carey wrote himself a check for $10 million, post-dated for 10 years later. The first time he was able to actually cash that check was on the very date he’d written. Continue Reading →


3 Steps to Getting Great Things On Purpose

Stroll with me back in time to reflect on your business’ life thus far. (Cue harp music and wavy pictures in your mind’s eye.) Imagine a little timeline with spikes that mark those rockin’ experiences that made your life and business better. On the count of three come back to the present, and I’ll tell you how to make these fabulous spikes happen on purpose…1…2…3… Continue Reading →


The Strategic Plan

Before starting your business, you may have read enough books, served on a not-for-profit board, or worked in a larger corporation to know about The Strategic Plan. But if you’re like most owners, it sounds like a lofty proclamation irrelevant to a small business like yours. Prepare for the myth-busting to follow.  Continue Reading →