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The Business Owners’ Title


The title you choose for the company website or business card tells others your level of authority, what part you play in delivering the company’s product, and your equity position. Choose a descriptive title that accurately conveys these ideas with language that is meaningful to your ideal client.   Continue Reading →


Help Wanted

You’ve written a job description, identified specific desired characteristics and skills, and written a compelling ad.  Now turn a few more stones to find the fabulous new employee of your dreams.   Continue Reading →


The Values Value Proposition

Behind every business is a bunch of humans, each with individual opinions, perspectives and values. Even solopreneurs don’t really work alone, what with their accountant, vendors, and clients. When your values aren’t aligned with those of whom you do business with, energy-sucking conflicts arise. Continue Reading →


I’m Fired

That’s it — I’ve had it with myself. I complain constantly about bookkeeping and moola-record maintenance, yet continue to whine my way through each week without change. So, Dode: “You’re Fired.”  

Continue Reading →