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Choose Your Focus

One of the most frequent calls for help I receive is in one way or another related to the word FOCUS – that magical force that not only assures meaningful accomplishment but a sense of clear purpose along the way.

If you’re like many of my clients, you may be challenged for more focus, because you’re launching something new and don’t want to lose income from what’s old. Or you might be overwhelmed by options thanks to an upward spiral of success.  Maybe you juggle work with raising children or a demanding special interests (like horses!) Or perhaps you’re just stuck in blurry routine.

Regardless the reason for your fuzz, you ultimately are the decider about your focus. When you allow your attention to dissipate in many directions, you lose the one resource that cannot be regenerated – time.

So if you want to pursue your real passion, make a good thing greater, eliminate major pain, repair small annoyances, or otherwise accomplish what is most meaningful, you have to make decisions about what else can wait, or go away completely.

Homework: What gets in the way of your focus? What can you choose to do, or not do, differently to zero in on what will make the biggest impact toward your most meaningful plans?