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May I Quote You?

Second perhaps only to a personal referral, testimonial quotes from happy clients and colleagues accelerate new relationships and build credibility. In less than five minutes, you can start your archive of quotes now, and you’ll have a constant resource to plug into promotional campaigns and proposals ever after. Continue Reading →


“Suck It Up” Is Not My Advice

One of my clients called to ask whether she should continue writing a series of articles in a local print publication. Each article has been a challenge and the results intangible. She thought I would tell her to just get over it, and keep doing the work until she got different results, but “suck it up” is never my advice. Continue Reading →

Yippee People Wanted

I look for Yippee People. They’re the ones that whenever I see them, a little yip hops inside, because I know our time together is going to be worth a whoop!