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Summit Rave Reviews!

“I’ve been so impressed for the duration of our participation in both Summit and Circle of Trust. I feel we get a great combination of unique insight and accountability for implementing solutions to some common sense, yet critical challenges.”

Brett Wacha, Clickfarm Interactive

“Once again, thou art fabulous and frighteningly competent!”

Katherine Kelly, Cultivate KC

“It was definitely the best planning meeting we have had yet — your effective and personable approach, respecting everyone’s contributions but keeping us all on track while bringing in your wide experience of other companies’ struggles and successes— was just invaluable. Really inspiring! Thanks again for your energy and for sticking with us over the long haul, Dodie. The continuity from year to year, and the fact that you know so many of our people, makes the experience that much richer. That history becomes more valuable for our future gazing and planning every year.”

Marianne Roos, Travois

“She’s funny as hell and great to work with regardless of the severity of the problem. When you need help, call Dodie!”

Shelby Story, Midwest Cast Stone

“Thanks, Dodie! Always energized and inspired after our sessions. Feels like we’re more in sync than ever, and it feels really good to see where we’re heading with a real groove in communication and great projects.”

Dominique Davison, DRAW Architects 

“Dodie has been instrumental in the transformation of my company, as well as myself, personally. Just having a clear filter for decision-making has been huge. She has such broad knowledge of the various facets of business and life. My business, employees, family, and I are all grateful to have Dodie on our side to help us reach our full potential!”

Chris Lane, InTECHrity Solutions

“Thanks for taking me to the mountain and showing me the view. As always, you did a fabulous job of organizing our random needs into a cohesive program. Can’t imagine running my business without you at my side.”

Elizabeth Rosin, Rosin Preservation

“I’ve never felt better about the planning process than when working with Dodie. Her approach allowed meaningful planning to emerge parallel with work-a-day responsibilities. The result is a plan we can work with: ambitious but realistic. When I’m buried in my daily duties, I can turn to someone who offers objective guidance and encouragement as we make our plans real. Don’t let your Strategic Plan fall asleep — keep Dodie on board.”

Christopher Leitch, Kansas City Museum

“Dodie asks hard questions, and expects answers. She treats us as equals, adults in an important conversation about where we want to go and what we want to do, against the backdrop of mission and passion.”

Paul Mesner, Paul Mesner Puppets

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