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Dodie on the Spot!

Just When You Need It.


When uncertainty is costing you money or strife, it’s time for a little Spot Treatment. The A’s for your Q’s are just a click away!

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Available only for clients currently enrolled in one of my mentoring programs to get personalized, spot-on advice.

When you have a specific challenge or opportunity, my advice and expertise are just a click away.
Or maybe you want private lesson to apply something you’ve read about in my
Lessons in Fun And Profit or learned in one of my workshops.

A single Spot Treatment is perfect for showing you how to accomplish any one of the following:

• Make the most of your Circle of Trust membership, by setting specific goals

• Give yourself a raise by switching from hourly billing to value pricing

• Level out cashflow by drafting your semi-automatic marketing machine

• Dump parts you hate about your business with the Eliminate, Automate, Delegate, Celebrate exercise

• Mine for improvements and make quality consistent with a workflow process map

• Reduce new product or new venture risk by using LEAN Startup protocol

• Confirm whether your newest option is an opportunity, or distraction, with an assessment

• Apply & prioritize all you’ve learned in Jetstream or Business Edge to your business with private tutoring

Spot Treatment includes:

  • an up to 2 hour session in person, by phone, videoconference, or email (You’re not actually paying for my time, you’re paying for the impact of our collaboration!)
  • an audio recording of the entire session – clients tell me they listen our meeting audio recordings many times over to review advice or start the day with an encore pep talk
  • written meeting notes, list of additional resources, and an ACTIONABLE plan for applying what you learn
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(With more than 24 hours’ notice, you may reschedule without penalty.  Email me to check availability for appointments within 24 hours’ notice.)

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