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Read the Rave Reviews for Mountain Time!

“I’ve been so impressed for the duration of our participation in both Mountain Time and Circle of Trust. I feel we get a great combination of unique insight and accountability for implementing solutions to some common sense, yet critical challenges.

Brett Wacha, Clickfarm Interactive

“Once again, thou art fabulous and frighteningly competent!”

Katherine Kelly, Cultivate KC

“It was definitely the best planning meeting we have had yet — your effective and personable approach, respecting everyone’s contributions but keeping us all on track while bringing in your wide experience of other companies’ struggles and successes— was just invaluable. Really inspiring! Thanks again for your energy and for sticking with us over the long haul, Dodie. The continuity from year to year, and the fact that you know so many of our people, makes the experience that much richer. That history becomes more valuable for our future gazing and planning every year.”

Marianne Roos, Travois

“She’s funny as hell and great to work with regardless of the severity of the problem. When you need help, call Dodie!”

Shelby Story, Midwest Cast Stone

“Thanks, Dodie! Always energized and inspired after our sessions. Feels like we’re more in sync than ever, and it feels really good to see where we’re heading with a real groove in communication and great projects.”

Dominique Davison, DRAW Architects

“Dodie has been instrumental in the transformation of my company, as well as myself, personally. Just having a clear filter for decision-making has been huge. She has such broad knowledge of the various facets of business and life. My business, employees, family, and I are all grateful to have Dodie on our side to help us reach our full potential!”

Chris Lane, InTECHrity Solutions

“Thanks for taking me to the mountain and showing me the view. As always, you did a fabulous job of organizing our random needs into a cohesive program. Can’t imagine running my business without you at my side.”

Elizabeth Rosin, Rosin Preservation

“I’ve never felt better about the planning process than when working with Dodie. Her approach allowed meaningful planning to emerge parallel with work-a-day responsibilities. The result is a plan we can work with: ambitious but realistic. When I’m buried in my daily duties, I can turn to someone who offers objective guidance and encouragement as we make our plans real. Don’t let your Strategic Plan fall asleep — keep Dodie on board.”

Christopher Leitch, Kansas City Museum

“Dodie asks hard questions, and expects answers. She treats us as equals, adults in an important conversation about where we want to go and what we want to do, against the backdrop of mission and passion.”

Paul Mesner, Paul Mesner Puppets

Read the Rave Reviews for Circle of Trust!

“I’ve been so impressed for the duration of our participation in both Mountain Time and Circle of Trust. I feel we get a great combination of unique insight and accountability for implementing solutions to some common sense, yet critical challenges.

Brett Wacha, Clickfarm Interactive

“We are all experiencing growing pains, and even though they are different, it’s nice to have a safe place to talk about everything.”

Diann Roche, Bazillion Pictures

“The group has really found its stride, and, of course, that’s a credit to your skill at herding cats. Your broad range, yet depth of expertise, and fun spirit, truly make the Circle so valuable.”

Kathy Johnston, J. Schmid & Associates

“I call the Circle my ‘entrepreneurial think tank.’ I’ve come a long way and grown significantly this year thanks to my group.”

Sofia Varanka Hudson, Swoon and Hudson Home

“The other members, you, and RaeAnn, have been so great at making me feel welcome and affirming that I’m actually achieving things, which on a daily basis is difficult to see sometimes!”

Linda Buchner, Mind Drive

“I always feel revitalized after our Circle sessions. It’s been a long time (too long) since I have felt this excited and positive about running my business. I owe much of it to your wisdom, insight, and positive spirit.”

Elizabeth Rosin, Rosin Preservation

“Dodie, great meeting today! It’s especially good when so many folks are there. Lots of ideas and worthy discussion.”

Dan Danford, Family Investment Center

“It’s the best money I’ve spent on my business. Seriously. What a great group of people….and I really appreciate how you facilitate. You gave each person some concrete action or insight, expressed in a way that was so affirming. I came away totally pumped, and when I got home, I couldn’t wait to sit down at my desk and start working.”

Roberta Solomon, Voicegal

“Entrepreneurs need opportunities to connect with others, to share insights and challenges, to learn from each other; the Circle provides this and more. Dodie offers invaluable counsel and keeps us on track with enthusiasm and humor. The Circle is a wise investment for me AND for my business.”

Margaret Lawlor, e-media bloc, inc.

“I’m enjoying the interaction with everyone. The monthly sessions are definitely times that give me energy!”

Chris Lane, InTECHrity Solutions

“The Circle is amazing…so worth it! That meeting felt to me what a defibrillator must feel to a dead man! Dodie, I respect you and your work so much! I’m a BIG fan of yours!”

Bo Nelson, Thou Mayest Coffee

“I thought our Circle was very fun and thought provoking! It is always interesting to hear what others are doing and considering with their own businesses.”

Mary Deacy, Summit Architecture

“I can’t even tell you how much this group has helped. Were it not for our Circle sessions, I wouldn’t have thought about any of this stuff, save for anxious moments as I fall asleep each night” Spencer Schubert, E.Spencer Schubert

Spencer Schubert, E.Spencer Schubert

“Circle was amazing! I was nervous at first, of course, but then the conversations developed so organically, I was just bursting with ideas. I would have never had the courage to do this without you!” Maile Macdonald, HodgePodge Workshop and artist

Maile Macdonald, HodgePodge Workshop

“The benefit of being in the Circle of Trust is interacting with other small business owners who have similar challenges. We learn from each other as Dodie provides insight and guidance, which help us grow, become more efficient, and create lifestyles we can enjoy.”

Susan Mahlstedt, R/M Studio

Read the Rave Reviews for Spot Treatment!

“Thank you, Dodie — phenomenal business coach!”

Sarah Hoffman, Green Dirt Farm

“Sarah and I have really benefited from you being in our lives! You came around just at the right time to help mold our future business! So grateful!”

Jacque Smith, Green Dirt Farm

“Entrepreneurs are rarely in need of ideas, we need solid, focused support and plans. After identifying your needs and resources, Dodie provides a map specific to each business owner that gives us the framework to build our business from the ground up, make an existing business stronger, make a successful business more profitable… I also appreciate that she speaks frankly and gets to the point. Dodie is making my business stronger, giving me more confidence as a trep Dodie is making business in Kansas City.”

Stacie Tindle, marketeer

“Thanks Dodie – could not have kept going with out your right on business insights!”

Roni Jaco, The Loaded Trunk

“Do-di-fied: To be filled with inspiration, the energy, and know-how to leap tall buildings in a single bound, land effortlessly and then convince those scared of heights how easy it is! I feel like I can take over the world every time I get a Dodie pep talk!”

Lauren Wendlandt, Framework Design

“Thanks again for everything. We actually had a really nice morning meeting on Tuesday and emerged from the grind with fresh perspectives. I appreciate your work a ton.”

Josh Shelton, Principal, el dorado inc

In my 25 years in the toy, gift, music, entertainment, timber and management consulting business, I have enjoyed meeting many enthusiastic, qualified and inspiring business consultants, team builders and management enhancers. None have exceeded Dodie’s professionalism. Her common sense coupled with out of the box thinking make her a valued partner that I can trust and that I will call upon as my businesses evolve as she is a proven, results oriented professional who helps me consider all of my options.”

Ross Vick, musician, investor, entrepreneur

“After a couple of years now, I feel I have a better understanding of my responsibility to myself as an entrepreneur. I know a piece of the success is having worked with you one-on-one. Thanks for making me laugh and cry. That’s a good session.”

Jennifer Niehouse, It’s So U!

“You’ve helped me create a business endeavor, a value proposition out of thin air.”

Brian McMillan, The Accessible Life

“Our talk yesterday about living the life you want, building around it, and SWOT analysis got me thinking. Every time we meet, I learn something new, and get closer to that life I envision for myself. So, thanks again for that!”

Amanda Morten, AM2 Films

“Thank you for listening, organizing, guiding, referring, and mainly just trying to do your job very well. I am very pleased and very excited to put our plans into action.”

Jerry Stever, Stonewood Granite

“Thank you for your help and insight this morning and the follow up meeting notes. I left feeling empowered. I very much valued our time this morning, and my money was well spent.”

Phil Kinen, Playwright, Director

“Everyone needs Dodie all the time. Honestly, who really has it completely all together, and can’t use some professional ‘Dodie Insight’ to make each obstacle less daunting?”

Laura Beers, Baila Westside

“Thank you for helping me with Bloomingdale’s — your services mean the world to me. You are truly masterful at creating wonderful solutions and communicating with harmony.”

Colleen Quen, Colleen Quen Couture

“I think about my business differently after working with Dodie. Her guidance in project planning and management made my business more efficient, and gave me a better understanding of the process involved. She is an infinite source of knowledge and support. . I especially respect her negotiation skills, which she always conducts with the utmost integrity, while yielding fantastic results. Dodie has the ability to approach any business…and help owners address their unique situation.”

Joscelyn Himes, JH Textiles

“I am so impressed with Dodie because she is able to take a problem or a situation and see it from so many different angles.”

Rebbecca Ng, Bo Ling’s

“She is very down-to-earth, someone you can talk to easily, and is very knowledgeable in business.”

Christie Price, Justrite Rubber Stamp & Seal Co.

“From her tireless involvement with so many important projects, Dodie brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to every assignment. She is totally undaunted by any task and skillfully coaxes solutions out of clients … coupled with their commitment to implement and sustain. Fun, energetic, insightful … how refreshing and rewarding it is to work with Dodie.”

Gary Gradinger, Chair, Board of Trustees, Kansas City Art Institute

Raves from the Most Recent Graduates of MoBank’s Small Business Course!

“The energy from the class gave me some sort of charge that has helped move my business forward even in this short amount of time. I’m more confident as a business owner and I feel more positive about my entrepreneurial future. Thanks again for everything; I utilize insight gained from class several times a day.”

Andrew Turner, Andrew Turner Auctions – Class of Fall 2013

“I think all managers, vice presidents, presidents, CEOs, owners, and potential owners should take this class. “

Laurie Troppito, Philly Lilly – Class of Fall 2013

“The content of the classes gives an introductory overview of several critical, business-related parameters that are now far less intimidating. Dodie “got” what the various people in the room do and more importantly, understood what was relevant to each of us. She tailored the conversations to who was present as opposed to a generalized presentation; much more engaging. Additionally, Dodie aligned us with the experts and made the connections such that if we want to drill deeper on any of the subjects the relationship is now there. The class allowed me to step away and take a look at the general health of my business. Not sure you can put a value on that. The baseline intelligence coupled with the bird’s eye view of your business along with a forum of peers is a really healthy use of small business owner’s time, in my opinion.”

Mike Kress, Generator Studio – Class of Spring 2013

“I am having a ball with this course! Today was pivotal; the Rosetta Stone that I needed to corral all of my disconnected thoughts. That cash flow spreadsheet helped me to connect the cause and effect perspective in planning, forecasting, and strategizing. I put on big boy pants today and really liked how they fit.”

Phil Kinen, Big Show Studios – Class of Fall 2012

“Since taking this course, I initiated a project that I had been delaying due to fear of failure, I feel more in control of my life due to better organization, and I can better speak and relate to my own small business customers. We should increase profitability almost immediately.”

Scott Middleton, Jamie Miller Hair Parlour – Class of Fall 2013

“I’m more confident in my performance as a businessman and more confident in the direction our company is going. I feel much more informed when it comes time to discuss company financials and make money decisions. It’s also helped me focus in on some things that I hadn’t really been thinking about or considered before. I really enjoyed the class. Two thumbs up.”

Layne Richardson, Framework Design – Class of Fall 2012

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