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Mountain Time: This is Your Summit Year

Mountain Time 2

Climbing in Uncharted Territory?

It’s what you don’t know you don’t know that trips you up. That’s where an experienced entrepreneur and mentor like me comes in – to show you the way, hold the rope, sharpen your cleats.  Follow the hundreds of entrepreneurs who’ve climbed with me before. Then start working on your I Did It dance. You’ve got one year to practice.

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There’s Room for A Few More at the Top
and I want to be your personal Sherpa!

You bring the will. I’ll pack the proven process, technical knowledge, decades of experience, and the right tools to make your success inevitable.

Read Rave ReviewsSince launching my Mountain Time program in 2008, entrepreneurs in this program continue to climb even closer to what I offer as the definition of success:  when what you want and what you have are in close proximity most of the time!

Mountain Time is for you, if you’re ready to make this your summit year with maximum clarity, an adventurous spirit, and fully-focused resources working together.

So what do you want?  Maybe some of these real results from my current Mountaineers will inspire your climb:

  • More money in the bank and fewer payables while turning down work that wasn’t the right fit
  • Rebrand that increased sales almost instantly
  • Predictable, recurring income replaced project-driven business model
  • Bigger facilities and more capacity
  • Building ownership (it’s been a big year for several clients buying buildings!)
  • Spigot to control workflow and maximize capacity
  • Restored enthusiasm for entrepreneurship
  • Semi-automatic, money-making marketing machine to funnel and even close qualified sales
  • Reorganized, empowered new staff
  • Freedom from day-to-day business
  • Better communications between staff and owners
  • Clear, confident focus
  • Exit and expansion to new entrepreneurial adventures

At the end of next year-end, would you like to be able to report even half of what my clients accomplished?

Sign up for my Mountain Time program.  I’ll help you plot your ideal course and get to the summit successfully.  I work in this immersive way with only a few clients each year.

Lace up your boots and make this your summit year!

Year-after-year, entrepreneurs hire me to guide them to their ideal summit. Together, with one foot in front of the other, we make your destination INEVITABLE. While I’ve had Mountaineers accomplish what they wanted in as few as 6 months, here’s what is included in this typically year-long program:

First Ascent

Our first 2-hour meeting takes you out of the valley of your daily work to the metaphorical mountain for higher altitude thinking. We’ll define and document exactly what you want in a way that inspires you to invest that extra burst of energy any worthy pursuit requires.

Are We There Yet?

During our second 2-hour session, we’ll create an actionable plan for getting what you want based on your available resources, with a timeline, budget and assignments that make sure your time at the mountain translates into real results at sea level. We’ll also create a “GPS tracker” dashboard to show how you’re moving in relation to what you want, while there’s still time to make decisions en route.

Gondola Rides

Each quarter, we’ll go back to the mountain for 2 hours to review the “GPS tracker,” jump crevices, shift course, or climb higher.

Climbing Buddies

No need to be lonely at the top.  I’ve included membership in Circle of Trust, the peer advisory think tank I facilitate.  For two hours each month, you’ll meet with other solopreneurs to leverage peers’ brains, experience, and moral support. Circlers stay connected virtually between meetings in a private Google+ community.

Personal Sherpa

Throughout the year, you have access to my brain and brawn. I’m available for you with lifeline emails to leverage my trusted relationships and proven resources. Even when you’re out of sight charging over the next mogul, you’re top of mind, as I continue to consider and share ways to safely accelerate your ascent.

Fear less. Climb more.

Here’s specifically how you’ll benefit from Mountain Time:

  • CLEAR DIRECTION that all in your company will rally around
  • DOABLE PLAN built around your available human, financial, time, and energy resources
  • A simple, at-a-glance gauge for MEASURABLE RESULTS while there’s still time to make changes for the better (including ways to return your investment in the Mountain climb!)
  • Year-round professional, experienced ADVICE AND FRESH THINKING to help you revise the plan amid happy and disappointing surprises
  • INCREASED ENERGY AND INSIGHT from peer interaction
  • CONNECTIONS to proven professional resources that further progress, and strategic alliances that improve your profitability
  • GOOD VIBES from my contagious belief in your dreams

Since there are just so many hours in any year, and I really dig my pickaxe into the ice with you, this offer is available to a limited number of people.  If you’re ready to make this your summit year, sign up now!

Choose the best payment
program for your resources:

1 payment of $24,600
2 payments of $13,500
4 payments of $6,765
6 payments of $4,715

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