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MoBank’s Business Edge Rave Reviews!

“I have taken quite a few small business courses, but the mobank small business class has been by far and away the best as far as practical application in day-to-day operations is concerned.”

Spencer Schubert, E.S. Schubert, Commercial Sculpture Studios

“I took the course at the recommendation of friends. I had frustrations of being a creative mind running a business and not having a grasp on finances. I feel more confident as a business owner, both from the class info and the Circle of Trust I could rely on for help. I never considered myself an entrepreneur – just a designer. This has made me realize that I AM! And it brings a new confidence to me.”

Lisa Schmitz, Lisa Schmitz Interior Design

“I was very impressed with Dodie’s ability to provide very specific and detailed advice on a range of business topics when people would ask.”

– Will Buchanan, Treadwell

“It’s a great means of stepping back to understand your individual perspective and how to integrate that back into your business. I’ve made a lot of assumptions about business and myself, and it’s time to reevaluate and figure out the life I want to be living and the steps to take to make it reality.”

Trudy Faulkner, Strata Architecture + Preservation 

“This class has gotten EVEN BETTER since the first time I took it. Weeks 1 and 2 provided lots of new perspective on thinking about the business and being intentional, which is so important. I defined my ideal customer, outlined my company’s values, and I’m committed to creating an online marketing presence. The course investment seems expensive until you take the class – then, it’s such a great value, I can’t believe it.”

Laura McGrew, Dolphin Frames

“I got a lot out of your class. I’m better off for taking it and those I work with will benefit in ways they don’t even know. I’m looking forward to being an active part of that Circle of Trust. Good stuff!”

Hans Thomas, Hans Thomas & Associates Architects

“Class became a safe space to talk about confidential issues. It was way more beneficial than just a basic business class. In the first session, we talked about what we wanted out of the business. I had not stopped to think about that for a while. You learn things relevant to your business but you also learn about other companies. It helped me think outside the box.”

Susan Surman, Harvest Productions

 “This is like a mini-MBA course for inquisitive business owners!”

Marianne Roos, Travois

“I’m less anxious, more assured, as I discovered I was more on track than I had thought I might be. I’m concretely instead of intuitively aware that most of my issues were part of the game rather than as a result of some deficiency on my part. I have someone to talk with who can be helpful and is skilled at discerning the issues and applying a deep knowledge base to issues.”

John Coil, Heartland Basement Authorities

“There is not a small business in town that wouldn’t benefit from shining a light on their business the way this class does.”

Jon Taylor, Kem Studios

“I always felt that Dodie was giving honest, knowledgeable answers. She tried to apply examples to my particular business.”

Olivia Fisher, Seastnan Medical

“Because I took this class, I’m more comfortable with the basics of my financial statements, I solidified my mission and vision, and I found my HR guru.”

Roper DeGarmo, Signature Personal Insurance

“The course covered standard topics, but was full of “aha” moments and gems, and provided actionable insights. Growing a business is a continuous process of hypothesizing and testing. There is no failure.”

Martha Katz, Dr. Martha Palley

“Worth every penny. I will be working with what I’ve learned for a LONG time to come. I met some excellent people, I am thinking of myself as an entrepreneur (instead of an owner/operator), I am committed to identifying my core values and principles, and I am excited to be a part of the Kansas City business community! And, I will become a mobank customer.”

Kate Lindholm, Westport Yoga

 “Dodie is brilliant, engaging and dynamic. I loved all the presenters.”

M.L. Bass, M.L. Bass and Associates

“The energy from the class gave me some sort of charge that has helped move my business forward even in this short amount of time. I’m more confident as a business owner and I feel more positive about my entrepreneurial future. Thanks again for everything; I utilize insight gained from class several times a day.”

Andrew Turner, Andrew Turner Auctions

“Dodie “got” what the various people in the room do and more importantly, understood what was relevant to each of us. She tailored the conversations to who was present as opposed to a generalized presentation; much more engaging. The class allowed me to step away and take a look at the general health of my business. Not sure you can put a value on that. The baseline intelligence coupled with the bird’s eye view of your business along with a forum of peers is a really healthy use of small business owner’s time, in my opinion.”

Mike Kress, Generator Studio

“Since taking this course, I initiated a project that I had been delaying due to fear of failure, I feel more in control of my life due to better organization, and I can better speak and relate to my own small business customers. We should increase profitability almost immediately.”

Scott Middleton, Jamie Miller Hair Parlour

It was an amazing experience that has changed my life in monumental ways…I feel like I am making a 180 degree turn that has infinite possibilities. Due to learning how to understand the financials, I was finally able to really understand what was going on in my business. My epiphany was that the business was running my life, instead of me running the business FOR my life goals. As of December 31, the current structure will end and I will begin a new model. I will have time to work ON the business, instead of in it. The interesting part is, nothing will seem different to my clients.”

Kelly Wilson, Weave Gotcha Covered

“I’m more confident in my performance as a businessman and more confident in the direction our company is going. I feel much more informed when it comes time to discuss company financials and make money decisions. It’s also helped me focus in on some things that I hadn’t really been thinking about or considered before. I really enjoyed the class. Two thumbs up.”

Layne Richardson, Framework Design

“Since I had just started my new company and was in the planning stages of another, I wasn’t sure if the timing was right but decided to take a leap of faith. The class was paid for by the end of the very first session. Dodie makes it fun and interesting. I didn’t think it would be fun.”

Linda Buchner, Creative Management

“I enjoyed the diversity of all the different small businesses. It’s amazing how different we all are, yet with all the same problems. The personal interest in every participant was appreciated. Well worth the time and money.”

Curt Lafferty, Food Solutions

“I would recommend this course to other business owners. It will save time, reduce stress, and make you more profitable! I have used the knowledge from these classes repeatedly and found it helpful. The time management info has had strong results in changing my overall productivity, and actually peace of mind during my work day.”

Kevin Sink, Kevin Sink Photography

 “You can’t get all this information in one session without hiring 10 different consultants.”

Shelly Searcy, Power On Technologies

 “The information I received and the contacts I made during this course were invaluable to the future of my company. The class gave me some hard-core formulas for gauging success and asked questions that helped me think and look at opportunities in a fresh way. It was very motivational, too!”

Connie Link, Sweetbay

“I’ve been to all day seminars that cost more and give less. The financial information exceeded every expectation. It was made easy to understand without excessive jargon, but the concepts were….well, basically the core of the business.”

Kathy Johnston, J. Schmid & Associates, Inc.  

“I received plenty of valuable information and examples to learn from on how to approach the challenges of small business. It makes you think about a side of the business that may otherwise fall behind.”

Matt Castilleja, Castilleja Furniture and Objects

“Since taking the course, my organization skills have improved greatly! I am more cognizant of the amount of time I spend per week working on the business and am making more efforts to carve out more time. I have the tools to help see the bigger picture, and utilizing the tools = confidence. I was reminded that this all started with a passionate idea.”

Leslie Fraley, Fine Folk

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