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Missouri Bank Business Edge

Make the Leap from Owner to Entrepreneur and put your business to work for you!

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September 20 – October 25, 2017

Wednesdays, 1:30 to 5 p.m.
Downtown Mobank branch, 10th and Main

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Business Edge

Alumni Business Edge Encore

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If you are a Mobank customer, enter MOBANK at checkout to receive a $100 scholarship! 

 If you’re a Business Edge alum taking the course as a refresher, enter ALUMNI at checkout for a $75 discount, unless you want a new set of text books. If when you took the course, the only text was a fat 3-ring binder, purchase the full priced ticket, so you’ll receive the current library of books we’re reading during the course.

Read Rave ReviewsMore than 300 business owners have made the leap in Mobank’s Business Edge, the course I’ve taught for more than 10 years to rave reviews from some of Kansas City’s most successful entrepreneurs.

If you have a great product or service, but aren’t as sure-footed about your business owner skills, Business Edge is the perfect next step for you and your business too.

When you’re growing a business ahead of existing resources, that’s entrepreneurship.

Compared to business as usual, grow mode takes a unique mindset, strategy, and tools to go safely and with confidence. That’s why Mobank and I created this course to teach you the Business Edge you’ll use now and through every growth spurt. We’re proud that hundreds of alumni report this was their best business investment.

I lead this six week course to teach you what I’ve learned turns business owners into entrepreneurs ready for the unique challenges of growing a business.

From finding clear focus to using financial statements to make decisions; from taking care of your humans to getting your ideal clients; this is a full-spectrum course that alumni report as truly transformative.

I teach you how to define and keep your strategic focus. Julie Nelson Meers, mobank SVP, teaches you how to use financial reports to back up your gut when making important decisions. Danielle Rodenbough, contrary to her business’ name, Trouble at Work, teaches you ways to make the most of your employee relationships.

Homework and reading assignments further reinforce what you’re learning.

And I facilitate each week to make it all uniquely relevant to you and your business.

This course is right for existing businesses of any age, or startups if you have previous business owner experience.

If you’re still on a cliff of indecision,  read the raves from a few of the more than 300 owners who’ve leapt before you.

Upcoming Course Dates

6-Week Course
Every April & September
Wednesdays, 1:30 to 5 p.m.
Downtown Mobank branch, 10th and Main

If you missed out on a course because registration was full or because it didn’t work with your schedule, no worries! Just Contact me to receive notice about early registration for the next scheduled session; this course fills up fast!

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