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    Master the most important skill for a solopreneur: getting things done.

    Solopreneurs who don’t know how to execute ideas can’t reach their highest heights. Because if you don’t get it done, who will!? Learn how to turn your ideas, To Do lists, and idling projects into real results. Go from grounded to soaring in Jetstream for Solopreneurs!.

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Why fly by the seat of your pants,
when you can soar in the Jetstream?

You could continue to puddle jump from your List of To Do Lists. Go ahead and fly blindly from idea to idea never completing any of them.  Continue to distract yourself with lots of little travel games while the project that would make the biggest difference in your business continues to idle on the runway.

Or.  Get into the Jetstream.


If you want to fly fast, fly solo.
If you want to fly far, fly with others.

Whether you consider yourself a solopreneur, soloist, sole proprietor, freelancer, contractor, or self-employed, you needn’t fly solo.  Hundreds of entrepreneurs have hired me to be their Flight Instructor to learn how to leverage the speed of solopreneurship without the delay of DIAY – doing it ALL yourself!

Turn your ideas into realistic, balls to the wall, results!

“Balls to the wall” is a pilot’s term for flying all out, with the ball-handled throttle pushed all the way to the cockpit wall, for maximum impact. Using this and other cheeky air travel metaphors, I’ll teach you a proven, simple process to turn your ideas, projects, and to do’s, into a pinpointed destination, with the right resources, and an itinerary of specific steps that make safely landing what you want inevitable!

Your Flight Plan


Video 1: Define Your
Ideal Destination

Action-provoking questions help you get specific about what you want from the project you’re planning and stay motivated through each leg of your journey.

Video 2: Create
Your Packing List

Identify all the resources – Flight Crew, Traveler’s Checks, Jetfuel, and Time – needed to reach your destination safely and on schedule.

Video 3: Fill In
Your Itinerary

realistic itinerary is where the rubber meets the tarmac.  Build a budget, timeline and action around your available resources, not head-in-the-clouds hopes. Your project will takeoff from right where you are and still make an accurate landing.


Jetstream is a commuter-flight version of what I teach entrepreneurs who pay me tens o’ thous. But your cost for lifetime access to the online video series and planning tool is

a one-time payment of only

with unlimited replays and Flight Plan do-overs

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I’m re-recording the Jetstream Videos to eliminate the annoyances of live streaming and faulty platform operation. You can watch the first versions now, and will receive updates when completed. AND if you proceed with purchase now you get THREE BONUS VIDEOS from the beta presentation that will go away forever. The bonus videos have all sorts of great advice for implementing your Flight Plans soaringly, and getting the best performance from your Flight Crew!


In addition to your Flight Plan, you’ll get these bonuses:

  • In-Flight Videos on Demand You will have unlimited access to the Jetstream recordings to revisit your favorite parts and plan other destinations in the future. Airplane metaphors are great for business planning, real life travel, or about any project or change you want to create.
  • Reusable Flight Plan Handbook  Fill in the worksheets to complete your Flight Plan, and download a clean set anytime you want.
  • In Flight Magazine  Really it’s a FREE subscription to my Lessons in Fun AND Profit, with more tips, tricks, and tools to make sure your getting is good.  You’ll find thousands of dollars in return on investment within this alone.  (Yes, you can get this for free even without the workshop. But if you haven’t signed up yet, you’re leaving money all over your flip down tray!)
  • Special Invitations  Even after you complete Jetstream, you’re never alone. Continue to fly with me after the workshop in one-on-one mentoring sessions.  Or when vacancies allow, you can join my Circle of Trust, a business owners’ think tank advisory peer group that meets offline in Kansas City. You’ll also be the first to know about new ways to learn with me and your fellow passengers.

Take Off Anytime, But Now is Best!

You can start Jetstream anytime and progress at your own pace. But the sooner you begin what’s piled atop your control panel, the sooner you’ll have an actionable Flight Plan, insights and support from your Flight Instructor, and a full tank of fresh jet fuel to complete your next project effectively!

So don’t do that thing you do, and set this aside to think about at another time!  Consider now:

  • If you could complete that one project you keep putting off, what would happen?
  • What will you be able to say, “Bon Voyage” at last?
  • What is it costing you to NOT take the first step to go there now – likely a lot more than $385!?

It’s time to invest in a solopreneur’s most important skill:
learning how to turn your ideas into accomplishment.


Afraid of heights?

Sometimes flying high isn’t about bigger…
it’s about feeling more authentic
while you flap your wings.

Use Jetstream’s process to first lay out the steps you’ll take BEFORE you take any real risk.
You’ll see exactly how your idea’s success is possible, and build confidence in your flying ability.

Come Soar With Me.
Above the clouds.
On silver wings.

(Your private jet is revving its engine on the tarmac now.)

Buy Now!

Jetstream Guarantee:

I want you to feel great about your investment in every Fun and Profit Learning program! If you’re not thrilled by what you’ve learned, just provide evidence of applying Jetstream’s lessons, and I’ll refund your purchase price, or allow you to apply the cost of Jetstream to another of my programs.

Read below to see why so many clients think you
would benefit from our our collaboration.


“It’s very difficult for me to breakdown the steps of my own goals. I’ve always depended on some outside structure, like school or work, to present the required steps. The exercises in Jetstream gave me confidence that I could create this structure for myself.”

Laura Beers

“Everyone needs Dodie all the time. Honestly, who really has it completely all together and can’t use some professional ‘Dodie Insight’ making each obstacle less daunting? I can’t say enough good things about how you’ve helped me, Dodie, in business and friendship.”

Geoff Pickering

“You pushed us to think deeper and focus.”

Jerry Stever Stonewood Granite

“Your drafted plan is right on, laid out as to be doable and not just overwhelming thoughts of what I should be doing. Thank you for listening, organizing, guiding, referring, and mainly for just trying to do your job very well. I am very pleased and very excited to put our plans into action.”

Jennifer Niehouse

“Thanks for making me laugh and cry. That’s a good session.”

Lauren Wendlandt

“Do-di-fied: To be filled with inspiration, the energy, and know-how to leap tall buildings in a single bound, land effortlessly and then convince those scared of heights how easy it is! I feel like I can take over the world every time I get a Dodie pep talk!”

“Your advice planning out my week is really sinking in, and I am ready to make the change to stop doing things last minute.”

I needed to hear the whole last part of the fourth session! I need to eat better, make more time to take care of myself first, and focus more on what I really need to get what I want.

Bo Nelson Thou Mayest

“Dodie, I respect you and your work so much! You are greatly celebrated!…a deep, heart-felt thank you from me to you:)! I’m a BIG fan! Of yours!”

“Loved our time together. You are wonderful at what you do. What did you do so well it almost seemed invisible? Gently prod the abstract into specifics, move the creative whirl into focus, all the while allowing the participant, (lucky me!), to feel it was my own mind driving the process. No easy feat, my friend, thank you.”

“Entrepreneurs are rarely in need of ideas, we need solid, focused support and plans. After identifying your needs and resources, Dodie provides a map specific to each business owner that gives us the framework to build our business from the ground up, make an existing business stronger, make a successful business more profitable. I also appreciate that she speaks frankly and gets to the point. Dodie is making my business stronger and giving me more confidence!”

Roni Jaco

“Thanks Dodie – could not have kept going with out your right on business insights!”

Joscelyn Himes

“Dodie is an infinite source of knowledge and support.”

Molly Proffer

“You are wonderful! Fun, fun, fun, and worth every penny!”

Delight Davis

“I LOVE the program… I’m not totally caught up with my Jetstream homework, but I’m working on it. My husband has gotten in on some of it and really feels inspired by it.”

Jetstream Q&A

Maybe you have questions like these entrepreneurs did before signing up.

Where am I going?

Q: What if I am not sure about the destination I’m planning for?
A: Jetstream provides a
process for organizing your plans; if you aren’t sure WHAT to plan, one-on-one time via a Spot Treatment will be a better next step.

I’ll help you pack!

Q: I feel like I need to get organized before I’m ready for Jetstream.
A: Okay not really a Q, but I have an A all the same!  You needn’t pack a thing for Jetstream.  The point of the experience is to help you prepare for flight to come.  So if you’re tired of hearing yourself say, “I’ve got to do THIS before I do THAT,” then this workshop is absolutely for you.  And you’re absolutely ready, right this moment.

YOU are a Solopreneur

Q: What’s a Solopreneur?
A:  You might call yourself a freelancer, a contractor, an artist, a writer, a business owner, or an architect.  But if you’re the sole decider building a business beyond your existing resources, you’re a solopreneur.  And the sooner you start flying like one, the higher you’ll soar.

Jetstream in Circles

Q: I’m a Circle of Trust member.  How is this workshop different?
A: Circle of Trust, is a think tank advisory group.  You realize already that it is a way to affordably and regularly get peer input and mine for what you’re implementing.  Jetstream is a video workshop series after which you’ll have in hand a custom itinerary for your next project.  It’s the perfect compliment to Circle!  As you’re implementing your Flight Plan, you can turn to me and your peers at Circle to help you redirect, refuel, and rethink, so you’re moving ever closer to your ideal destination all year long!

Jetstream and Business Edge

Q: I attended Business Edge, mobank’s course for small business owners.  Is this the same information you presented?
A:  Some of this content will be familiar; I’ve been preaching from the planning pulpit for years! Jetstream can be a good refresher for the opening two sessions of Business Edge, but with a new metaphor that seems to help even non-planners prepare for successful project implementation. You’ll also recognize my trademark sense of possibility, put-one-foot-in-front-of-the-other how-to-ed-ness, and creative suggestions for turning hurdles into stepping stones.  I’ll bet you even have some Wanna Do’s left from your experience in Business Edge that you haven’t yet implemented.