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  • Fun and Profit Mentorship

    What might you accomplish if you remodeled your business so it wasn’t just profitable, but rewarding in every way – in the way YOU define Fun AND Profit?

    I created the Fun and Profit Mentorship program to teach you exactly how to create – and sustain – your unique version of fun and profit.

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Registration opens in July

Email me for early notification
about the next session starting
in September, 2016.

Laurie TroppitoThe Fun and Profit Mentorship program is an immersive, creative business planning experience that gives you the space and inspiration for your most provocative thinking and proactive action.

“Success is congruence – when what you have and what you want are in close proximity most of the time.” — Dodie

I combined the best of my acclaimed programs for entrepreneurs with the benefits of peer learning. Starting in September, you’ll spend 5 months with up to 12 entrepreneurs, each realizing his/her unique definition of fun and profit.

The Fun and Profit Mentorship program includes the same, proven valuable content that entrepreneurs pay $24,000 to experience with me individually. Yet still, we’ll have plenty of time to assure you’re focused on YOUR unique definition of fun and profit – and you have the benefit of peers to inspire you even further.

Fun to me is excellent food, great company and welcoming accommodations. While we learn, plan, and grow together, it’ll be in the context of amazing meals at some of Kansas City’s best independently owned restaurants.

Check the detailed schedule now to be sure you can fully participate.

Whether inspired to pursue your real passion, make a good thing greater, eliminate major pain, or repair small annoyances, the first step to making meaningful change is to COMMIT YOUR FOCUS. Put program activities on your calendar and work around them for the entire 5 months. 

In an emergency, you’ll have the option to Google Hangout for any monthly Peer Meetings, but you’ll be missing an amazing meal.

Click here for detailed schedule

Month Event 2016 Save the Dates
September Fun & Profit Workshop Thursday, September 15, 10am – 7pm
Individual Meetings with Dodie 2 hours TBA between 9/19 – 9/30
October Fun & Profit Peer Meeting Tuesday, October 11, 4 – 7pm
November Fun & Profit Peer Meeting Tuesday, November 8, 4 – 7pm
December Fun & Profit Peer Meeting Tuesday, December 13, 4 – 7pm
Individual Meetings with Dodie 2 hours TBA between 12/5 – 12/23
 January Fun & Profit Workshop Friday, January 13, 10am – 7pm

The Fun and Profit Mentorship program includes what I’ve found makes sustainably fun AND profitable business.

During our work together in this comprehensive, 5-month experience, you’ll learn with peers and me, in a context that supports your most expansive thinking and conscious action to make fun and profit inevitable.

The program combines the proven best of my work. You and your peers will have time learning together in a classroom setting like the Business Edge course I teach at Missouri Bank; peer think tank sessions are modeled after my successful Circle of Trust; actionable, focused plans are the core of my Mountain Time program; and the fun surrounding all rekindles 13 years producing social and marketing events.

Changing, even for the better, can be intimidating. Your peers and I will be there through every step with new ideas, fresh perspective, and unerring belief in your transformation especially when your vision is blurred. Together, we turn a fear of the unknown into curiosity. And that’s a whole lot more fun.

You’ll get clear about you, the market, and your business; how closely they align with your ideal; and how to bring what you envision and what you have closer together most of the time. From here we will build plans that allow you the flexibility to adapt as these three things change over time, and provide tools to foresee those changes as soon as possible.

Eddie Coker


  • A clear, unique definition about what Fun and Profit means to you, and how to develop and market a business that allows you continue to adapt when your definition, or the market’s opportunity, changes. We’ll have a full day workshop in September to create a 2016 strategic direction, and another full day workshop in January to be sure you’re off to a good start for the new year.
  • Your Individualized Action Plan to get from where you are to where you’ll have fun and be profitable most consistently. Your plan will be based on your available resources, with a timeline, budget and accountabilities. Then I’ll help you further modify the plan as the real world unfolds.
  • A Monitoring Tool to proactively influence the outcome you want. Growing ahead of your existing resources means impeccable attention to what you have available now and going forward. You’ll get a monitoring tool that works with your existing financial, marketing, and production reports, so you can modify the plan when your resources change.
  • Monthly meetings with your Fun and Profit Peers. This is your very own peer advisory think tank for three hours each month. You’ll meet with other entrepreneurs on the same journey, so you can leverage peers’ brains, experience, and moral support. I’ll provide documentation from each meeting, so you don’t miss a single brilliant insight.
  • 2 one-on-one meetings with me to assure you apply what you’re learning to return your investment in the program, assure you’re guided by truly achievable action, and addressing your unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Private Google+ Community for Fun and Profit Peers and me to stay connected virtually between meetings.

Sarah Hoffman

How you’ll benefit from the F&P Mentorship Program

  • CLEAR DIRECTION that gives you confidence and energy
  • DOABLE PLAN built around your available human, financial, time and energy resources
  • A simple, at-a-glance gauge for MEASURABLE RESULTS while there’s still time to make changes for the better (including ways to recover your investment in the Fun and Profit Mentorship program!)
  • Professional, experienced ADVICE AND FRESH THINKING to help you revise the plan amid happy and disappointing surprises
  • INCREASED ENERGY AND INSIGHT from peer interaction
  • CONNECTIONS to proven resources that further progress
  • GOOD VIBES from my contagious belief in your abilities

Keep Your Cash Flowing Choice of Payment Plans

  • Single Payment of $9600 to reserve your spot.
  • 2 Payments of $5040, first payment reserves your spot, then pay on September 15.
  • 3 Payments of $3520, first payment reserves your spot, then pay on September 15 and November 15.
  • 6 Payments of $1920, first payment reserves your spot, then pay on the 15th of September, October, November, December, and January.

Your program investment includes meals and beverages for all meetings.

Even if you’re a current or past client and know my mentoring style, I’m asking you to complete a brief application. We’ll be working closely together for 5 months, and you’re making a significant investment in your business. I want to synchronize expectations and select entrepreneurs with complementary ambitions.

Apply Now!

In theory, I’ll take applications through August 30, but if you’re seriously interested in this program, don’t delay in submitting your application

Who should apply?

If any of these are true for you, the Fun and Profit Mentorship program will be world rocking. If MOST of these are true for you, get on that application!

  • You have the sole, or majority authority for your business’ decisions.
  • You want a business that is profitable AND fun, and are willing to make changes to have both.
  • You know the changes you want to make. Or you don’t.
  • You find it difficult to make changes toward what you want while you continue to maintain what you have.
    FOCUS is a recurring challenge.
  • You’re ready for a new chapter. Period.
  • You’re willing to fully focus your time, energy, and money to make participation in the program and your action plan a top priority this year.
  • You’re willing to make changes to get your unique definition of Fun and Profit.
  • You seek new information from and new insights of yourself – and like to share what you learn.
  • You can afford the cost of the Fun and Profit Mentorship program– and have a budget to underwrite any remodeling costs for your business, without shortchanging operations.
  • You WANT to work with other focus-mastering entrepreneurs and me.
Joscelyn Himes



I’m looking for solopreneurs who are very serious about Fun and Profit. Unless you are 100% confident about the value of this experience, and fully committed to investing the effort and resources to get out of your current groove and onto your best chapter yet, don’t even think about clicking the Apply Now button.

Still wondering whether this is the program for you? Email me to find a time for us to talk.

The Fun and Profit Mentorship program is new, but the component parts have been growing successful entrepreneurs for more than a decade. In fact, this program is the sum of all of those successful parts to make the biggest impact for the most effective use of your resources. I take pride in my clients’ reported accomplishments:

  • More money in the bank and fewer payables while turning down work that wasn’t the right fit
  • Rebrand that increased sales almost instantly
  • Predictable, recurring income replaced project-driven business model
  • Bigger facilities and more capacity
  • Building ownership (it’s been a big year for several clients buying buildings!)
  • Spigot to control workflow and maximize capacity
  • Restored enthusiasm for entrepreneurship
  • Marketing machine to funnel qualified sales
  • Reorganized, empowered new staff
  • Freedom from day-to-day business
  • Better communications between staff and owners
  • Clear, confident focus
  • Exit and expansion to new entrepreneurial adventures

Wouldn’t you love to celebrate even one of these accomplishments in January?

Rave Reviews

Marianne Roos Travois

“Your effective and personable approach, respecting everyone’s contributions but keeping us all on track while bringing in your wide experience of other companies’ struggles and successes — was just invaluable. Really inspiring! Thanks again for your energy and for sticking with us over the long haul, Dodie. The continuity from year to year, and the fact that you know so many of our people, makes the experience that much richer. That history becomes more valuable for our future gazing and planning every year.”

“Dodie asks hard questions, and expects answers. She treats us as equals, adults in an important conversation about where we want to go and what we want to do, against the backdrop of mission and passion.”

“She’s funny as hell and great to work with regardless of the severity of the problem. When you need help, call Dodie!”

Dr. Martha Palley

“I’m already learning so much from watching you.”

“Do-di-fied:  To be filled with inspiration, the energy, and know-how to leap tall buildings in a single bound, land effortlessly and then convince those scared of heights how easy it is! I feel like I can take over the world every time I get a Dodie pep talk!”

Chris Lane: Intechrity Solutions

“Dodie has been instrumental in the transformation of my company, as well as myself, personally. Just having a clear filter for decision-making has been huge. She has such broad knowledge of the various facets of business and life. My business, employees, family, and I are all grateful to have Dodie on our side to help us reach our full potential!”

Brian McMillan

“You’ve helped me create a business endeavor, a value proposition out of thin air.”

Mike Kress

“Dodie ‘got’ what the various people in the room do and more importantly, understood what was relevant to each of us. She tailored the conversations to who was present as opposed to a generalized presentation; much more engaging. Additionally, Dodie aligned us with the experts and made the connections such that if we want to drill deeper on any of the subjects the relationship is now there. (Missouri Bank’s Business Edge) class allowed me to step away and take a look at the general health of my business. Not sure you can put a value on that. The baseline intelligence coupled with the bird’s eye view of your business along with a forum of peers is a really healthy use of time, in my opinion.”

Jacqueline Smith

“You came around just at the right time to help us mold our future business.”

Dominique Davidson

“Thanks, Dodie! Always energized and inspired after our sessions. Feels like we’re more in sync than ever, and it feels really good to see where we’re heading with a real groove in communication and great projects.”

Elizabeth Rosin: Rosin Preservation

“It’s been a long time (too long) since I have felt this excited and positive about running my business. I owe much of it to your wisdom, insight, and positive spirit. As always, you did a fabulous job of organizing our random needs into a cohesive program. Can’t imagine running my business without you at my side.”

“I thought our Circle was very fun and thought provoking! It is always interesting to hear what others are doing and considering with their own businesses.”

Ross Vick

In my 25 years in the toy, gift, music, entertainment, timber and management consulting business, I have enjoyed meeting many enthusiastic, qualified and inspiring business consultants, team builders and management enhancers. None have exceeded Dodie’s professionalism. Her common sense coupled with out of the box thinking make her a valued partner that I can trust and that I will call upon as my businesses evolve as she is a proven, results oriented professional who helps me consider all of my options.”

Kimberly Harris

“You’re like an Executive Producer of dreams. You inspire me more than you’ll ever know.”

“I initiated a project that I had been delaying due to fear of failure, I feel more in control of my life due to better organization. We should increase profitability almost immediately.”

“You have helped change my life. Without you I would not have found my purpose. What you do for others is help them find their own voice in business. It’s a true gift you have and give. The book I’m reading, Dare Dream Do, suggests, ‘Focus on your To Be list before your To Do list.’ That is what you help us all do!!! You have left a legacy and I will be able to also.”

In the Fun and Profit Mentorship program, you’ll learn and apply what I’ve been sharing with hundreds of clients, and applied to my own business to make more money and have more fun than at any other time in my career.

The following excerpts from the Fun and Profit Mentorship program are quick read lessons with thought-provoking questions.

I hope they make you want to sass! Think what I’m proposing is crazy?  Want to tell me all the reasons why what I’m suggesting will never work for you?  Living the dream already and agree with me completely? Believe me sorta, but can’t get past your one impossible obstacle?

Tell me about it. Share your answers on my Facebook Page or on Google+ if you’d like to start a conversation.

I haven’t yet met a wishlist I couldn’t reconcile with Reality for an entrepreneur willing to adapt.

Lesson 1: Expect Fun AND Profit

Lesson 2: Staying Fun and Profitable

Lesson 3: You First, Market Second, Business Model Third

Want your business to work for you?  Let’s focus on YOUR definition of fun and profit.

Apply Now!