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Circle of Trust Rave Reviews!

“I’ve been so impressed for the duration of our participation in both Mountain Time and Circle of Trust. I feel we get a great combination of unique insight and accountability for implementing solutions to some common sense, yet critical challenges.

Brett Wacha, Clickfarm Interactive

“We are all experiencing growing pains, and even though they are different, it’s nice to have a safe place to talk about everything.”

Diann Roche, Bazillion Pictures

“The group has really found its stride, and, of course, that’s a credit to your skill at herding cats. Your broad range, yet depth of expertise, and fun spirit, truly make the Circle so valuable.”

Kathy Johnston, J. Schmid & Associates

“I call the Circle my ‘entrepreneurial think tank.’ I’ve come a long way and grown significantly this year thanks to my group.”

Sofia Varanka Hudson, Swoon and Hudson Home

“The other members, you, and RaeAnn, have been so great at making me feel welcome and affirming that I’m actually achieving things, which on a daily basis is difficult to see sometimes!”

Linda Buchner, Mind Drive

“I always feel revitalized after our Circle sessions. It’s been a long time (too long) since I have felt this excited and positive about running my business. I owe much of it to your wisdom, insight, and positive spirit.”

Elizabeth Rosin, Rosin Preservation

“Dodie, great meeting today! It’s especially good when so many folks are there. Lots of ideas and worthy discussion.”

Dan Danford, Family Investment Center

“It’s the best money I’ve spent on my business. Seriously. What a great group of people….and I really appreciate how you facilitate. You gave each person some concrete action or insight, expressed in a way that was so affirming. I came away totally pumped, and when I got home, I couldn’t wait to sit down at my desk and start working.”

Roberta Solomon, Voicegal

“Entrepreneurs need opportunities to connect with others, to share insights and challenges, to learn from each other; the Circle provides this and more. Dodie offers invaluable counsel and keeps us on track with enthusiasm and humor. The Circle is a wise investment for me AND for my business.”

Margaret Lawlor, e-media bloc, inc.

“I’m enjoying the interaction with everyone. The monthly sessions are definitely times that give me energy!”

Chris Lane, InTECHrity Solutions

“The Circle is amazing…so worth it! That meeting felt to me what a defibrillator must feel to a dead man! Dodie, I respect you and your work so much! I’m a BIG fan of yours!”

Bo Nelson, Thou Mayest Coffee

“I thought our Circle was very fun and thought provoking! It is always interesting to hear what others are doing and considering with their own businesses.”

Mary Deacy, Summit Architecture

“I can’t even tell you how much this group has helped. Were it not for our Circle sessions, I wouldn’t have thought about any of this stuff, save for anxious moments as I fall asleep each night” Spencer Schubert, E.Spencer Schubert

Spencer Schubert, E.Spencer Schubert

“Circle was amazing! I was nervous at first, of course, but then the conversations developed so organically, I was just bursting with ideas. I would have never had the courage to do this without you!” Maile Macdonald, HodgePodge Workshop and artist

Maile Macdonald, HodgePodge Workshop

“The benefit of being in the Circle of Trust is interacting with other small business owners who have similar challenges. We learn from each other as Dodie provides insight and guidance, which help us grow, become more efficient, and create lifestyles we can enjoy.”

Susan Mahlstedt, R/M Studio

“Dodie helped me realize that my work is not separate from the rest of my life and has helped me find ways to make “making a living” truly about LIVING and MAKING.”

Sonya Andrews, Illustrator & Graphic Designer

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