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Circle of Trust: Surround Yourself With Success

Circle of Trust

When you want meaning and money from your business, surround yourself with business owners growing together.

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Author Jack Canfield believes we become the sum of the five people we spend the most time with. So look around. Do you have:

  • People who know exactly what it’s like to be a business owner?

  • A source of new thinking to break old patterns?

  • A secret wish to get more from your business?

Surround yourself with 11 other owners committed to growing too. Become the sum of some best parts, and join a Circle of Trust.

See what’s inside a Circle in this mock Circle of Trust webcast:


If you’ve wondered what goes on inside a Circle of Trust, my peer advisory think tank for business owners on the grow, now’s your chance to find out! Just like a real Circle, minus the “Trust” since this is visible online, you’ll meet three real Circlers sharing ideas for respective topics. Dan Danford, Family Investment Center (7:33), has a client communications question; Elizabeth Rosin, Rosin Preservation (20:00), wonders if she’s ready to add that next employee; and Brett Wacha, Clickfarm Interactive (31.25), is changing to serve their most ideal client. Eavesdrop on our conversation and see what it’s like on the inside!


What is a Circle of Trust?

RaveReviewsCircle of Trust is the peer advisory and think-tank I host for business owners on the grow. Members say they can’t imagine their lives without their Circle. It’s group therapy for business owners, with profit-making technical advice, and B12 rolled into a two-hour monthly meeting. When you want meaning and money from your business, surround yourself with business owners rolling in the same direction.

How does the Circle of Trust work?

A Circle of 12 members commits to a minimum of one year, meeting at the same time and place each month for two hours. Circles comprise non-competing members, and each signs confidentiality agreements to assure true trust. Members share personal and business goals, challenges and opportunities, and experience-based advice.
Circle of Trust membership includes:

  • My facilitation, expertise, and contagious enthusiasm – making Circle the best value for working with me personally;
  • Peers’ insights and moral support;
  • Private Google Circle for connecting dots between meetings;
  • Written documentation of confidential, personalized advice, action items, and resources – all archived in a safe place for future reference!

Meet the business owners currently enrolled in Circle of Trust
and view available meeting dates.

Meet the Circlers!

How do I enter the Circle of Trust?

Finding a peer group and working with them, intentionally and on a regular schedule, might be the single biggest boost your career can experience.

Seth Godin best-selling author

To qualify for my current Circle openings: you’ll want meaning as much as money from your growing business and be committed to monthly attendance. If space is available in a Circle that fits your schedule and unique industry, you can begin the following month. I’ll hope to see you ‘round soon!

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If we’ve not yet worked together,
to make the most of the Circle experience
I require a Spot Treatment session first

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