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Is it Harvard’s Business Model or Yours?

I can help you create the business that the Harvard School of Business would want, but in my experience, that doesn’t always create a happy business owner, nor the results that inspired you to get into business in the first place.  Continue Reading →


Spinning in Greased Grooves

Typically, I can choose on what and when I work to take advantage of the moment’s groove.  But sometimes I need to work on something I’m not really in the mood for and need a way to get in rhythm to be effective. Continue Reading →

When Do You Share Your Goals?

A television writer friend of mine never talks about what he’s writing; he says it dilutes his need to express it. Artist, Inc.’s recent facebook post referenced Derek Sivers TED talk, recommending that you not share your goals.  Continue Reading →


Rethink Groupthink

This New Yorker article, titled “Groupthink” by Johan Lehrer, challenges the sacred brainstorming process pioneered by madman Alex Osborn in the late 1940’s. Continue Reading →


How to Find Your Fun and Profit Billing Rate

If your time or expertise are things for which you bill clients, getting Fun and Profit depends on a profitable billing rate and knowing how much you’re willing and able to work a week.  Even if you’ve been in business awhile, revisit your costs, and your capacity to be sure you’re billing to build your Fun and Profitable business. Continue Reading →