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If You Give An Entrepreneur a Cookie

If you give an entrepreneur a cookie, er a semi-automatic marketing machine, she’s going to spend less time on selling.  Continue Reading →


My Spiel on Sales

Whether a client is hiring their first salesperson, launching a referral program, or trying to stay motivated to sell in their busy sole proprietorship, I find myself repeating several key points when asked about the topic of sales. Continue Reading →


The Check

Early in his career, actor/comedian Jim Carey wrote himself a check for $10 million, post-dated for 10 years later. The first time he was able to actually cash that check was on the very date he’d written. Continue Reading →


The “I’m Having A Party” Alarm

One of my interior design clients adds a surcharge to the project fee for any client who wants it all finished in time for an upcoming party.  He’s learned that rushing clients can create all sorts of problems that increase his risk for doing the job well. Continue Reading →


Slow and Steady Builds Strong Foundations

You have to stabilize your foundation before you can build your dream house.   Continue Reading →


But The Other Kids Aren’t Doing It

I have the advantage of working with owners of businesses in a lot of different industries.  I often suggest a client try something that’s working for another, and the kneejerk response is often, “but others in my industry don’t work that way.”

Continue Reading →


Mommy, I’m Bored with This Business

For the uninitiated, it’s hard to imagine a business owner is ever bored, what with the perpetual To Do List, employees knocking at the door, and more bright ideas than time.  Yet within the daily busy-ness of any business, you may be lock-stepped into days of entrepreneurial ennui.  So, get to the bottom of your boredom.  Continue Reading →


Your Competition

Vetting new products typically includes analyzing the competition, about which my clients often report, “There is no competition for my product.  There’s nothing else like it on the market.” Continue Reading →


Is it Harvard’s Business Model or Yours?

I can help you create the business that the Harvard School of Business would want, but in my experience, that doesn’t always create a happy business owner, nor the results that inspired you to get into business in the first place.  Continue Reading →


The Clean Slate

Each January first, we wipe the slate of our past in anticipation of what we want in the new year.  It’s an annual life do-over.  This year, I’m creating a feel-over instead.  Continue Reading →