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Reason to Celebrate

It’s been two years since my first blog post, and tomorrow I’m celebrating with my fabulous team by planning our next year’s growth. I know what’s up my sleeve, but can’t wait to see what these talented humans will pull out of their party hats.  Continue Reading →


Mutha Bubble Strategy

You can see it coming, one mutha of a bubble ahead filled with more than usual project deadlines. Perhaps you’re onboarding a big new client who needs extra attention, or playing a crucial role in an upcoming family wedding, in addition to your usual daily tasks. You might be able to survive a day or two with some Gitterdun, but gritting your teeth for much longer isn’t sustainable.  Continue Reading →


Two Questions

I have two questions worthy enough to post next to my computer:

  • “Is There Another Way?” reminds me to stay nimble.  Whether I’m trying to ride a pattern on horseback in a crowded arena, or fighting to get my sleeping bag back into its stuff sack, there’s always another way. Just asking the question leads to ingenuity, pattern breaking, fluidity, and progress.
  • “Is this the best use of my time?” keeps me on task and off tangents. Sometimes the unexpected detour is where I need to swerve, but this question makes me pause and choose.

Homework: What’s posted next to your computer?


One Good Turn

When you wonder why it’s sometimes so hard to clear a new path, try a different method, or imagine another way, watch this two-minute video about The Asch Experiment. Then keep your hat on and face your own direction.