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The Annual Planning Calendar

Calendar fragment with half-opened sheets in different angles

If you want to be ready to come out swinging in the New Year, start planning three months earlier. My clients follow this calendar each year, and have the ambitious accomplishments to show for it.  Continue Reading →


Reason to Celebrate

It’s been two years since my first blog post, and tomorrow I’m celebrating with my fabulous team by planning our next year’s growth. I know what’s up my sleeve, but can’t wait to see what these talented humans will pull out of their party hats.  Continue Reading →


Seekers Need Apply

I love seekers — people who are ever-open to new thoughts, methods, and experiences. But we curious ones are often so busy seeking, we don’t make time to apply what we’re learning. 

Continue Reading →


That’s the Deal

If you’ve ever loved and lost another human, a beloved animal, a hard-tended business, or a carefully dreamed idea, loving again can provoke fears you might lose again.  Continue Reading →


The Subconscious Conspiracy

With 97% of your brain engaged in subconscious activity, it can sometimes feel like the sub’s conspiring against what your conscious brain wants.  Continue Reading →


Count to 90

One of the best things I learned during Resident Assistant training at SMU was to count to ten before confronting an emotional situation. New insight from Jill Bolte Taylor, the brain scientist who survived her own stroke, suggests counting to 90 might be more helpful.  Continue Reading →


Mutha Bubble Strategy

You can see it coming, one mutha of a bubble ahead filled with more than usual project deadlines. Perhaps you’re onboarding a big new client who needs extra attention, or playing a crucial role in an upcoming family wedding, in addition to your usual daily tasks. You might be able to survive a day or two with some Gitterdun, but gritting your teeth for much longer isn’t sustainable.  Continue Reading →


Rocky Road Detour

When the road gets rocky, reconsider why you believe your original course is the best way to ride ahead.  You may find you have assumptions that keep you from seeing an alternate route.  Continue Reading →


Two Questions

I have two questions worthy enough to post next to my computer:

  • “Is There Another Way?” reminds me to stay nimble.  Whether I’m trying to ride a pattern on horseback in a crowded arena, or fighting to get my sleeping bag back into its stuff sack, there’s always another way. Just asking the question leads to ingenuity, pattern breaking, fluidity, and progress.
  • “Is this the best use of my time?” keeps me on task and off tangents. Sometimes the unexpected detour is where I need to swerve, but this question makes me pause and choose.

Homework: What’s posted next to your computer?


One Good Turn

When you wonder why it’s sometimes so hard to clear a new path, try a different method, or imagine another way, watch this two-minute video about The Asch Experiment. Then keep your hat on and face your own direction.