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Dodie Jacobi

Solopreneur and Mentor

I help entrepreneurs define and get what they want, using individual and group mentorship, and digital learning programs.

I continue to learn alongside my clients, so we truly we are solopreneurs growing together.

From sole proprietor start-ups and “mom & pop” shop owners to multi-million-dollar-funded gazelles, I have consulted with hundreds of companies from various industries creating marketing and growth strategies with entrepreneurial ventures. A five-time entrepreneur who also co-founded three not-for- profit organizations, I was instrumental in developing business plans for several entrepreneurship support programs funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. I also teach a bi-annual six week course with Missouri Bank; Business Edge is turning GKC area business owners into entrepreneurs. I am a frequently quoted media source, having appeared in the Wall Street Journal, NPR’s Marketplace, and Good Morning America. Recently, I was honored as one of three women KC Makers, selected from among 50 nominees for my work in entrepreneurship. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance from Southern Methodist University. Recently, I organized Dodiodo, Inc., to develop and distribute digital content about topics I find interesting.

I live in Hyde Park in Kansas City, Missouri, with dog Pippa, and cat Harry. I can be found quilting, dancing the Samba (really!), or riding horse Tao in choreography or on the trails at the Saddle & Sirloin Club.


Regina Weller


I met Dodie several years ago when I was attending the Kansas City Art Institute for Animation. Since then, she’s become my friend and mentor. 
I’ve assisted her with a variety of projects, from pet sitting to painting to PA for her online video series Jetstream for Solopreneurs. I’m the scribe for her monthly Circle of Trust meetings, where I have the great advantage of hearing other entrepreneurs talk through the struggles and successes of their businesses. Learning from Dodie and her colleagues and clients has been very beneficial to me as I turn my wide freelance artistic career into a more focused business.
I am a scenic painter, properties designer, animator, illustrator, backstage PA, and a partner in a special effects company called Creature Feature FX. I’ve worked for many companies and theatres across Kansas City. My goal is to hone my interests but still allow a flexible, creative outlet, and Dodie’s advice is helping me make that a reality.

Dakota Jacobi

Community Builder

I help Dodie manage her social media outlets, as well as compile and publish her blogs and e-newsletter. Working with Dodie, who’s also my aunt, has been an incredible learning opportunity. She has not only taught me what she knows, but shares with me the knowledge she learns from her clients on a daily basis.

I just earned a degree in Communication-Media Studies from North Carolina State University, with a minor in Journalism. During my time at NCSU, I was a contributing writer for Wake Living Magazine and Triad Living Magazine, under Weiss & Hughes Publishing, INC. This position allowed me to do what I love, writing, while also allowing me to keep a flexible schedule, without being tied to an office. I knew from then on, wherever my future endeavors took me, that I would want to maintain that level of flexibility.

I am originally from Kansas, (and still dream of eating Gates BBQ on a daily basis), but currently live in Greensboro, N.C. with my daughter, Aspen.
My mission is to provide an amazing life for my daughter, and to raise her to be a loving and successful person in the future. I hope to learn something new every day of my life, and to share that knowledge with others around me. I look forward to building my social media management practice, while raising my mini-me in the future.


Sonya Andrews

Graphic Designer and Webmaster

I designed and maintain Dodie’s website/blog, and design special projects in all sorts of media. I’m also one of Dodie’s clients. Having met her as in intern many years ago, she’s been a valuable resource through my post-graduate years developing a thriving business.

I am a professional illustrator and designer at Paunya, LLC, a creative services company I co-own with my husband, Paul Andrews. I have over 10 years experience in small business brand-building, publications, web development, and non-profit organizations. Naturally inquisitive, I find great joy in research, problem-solving and finding out what makes the world — and my clients’ world — tick.

Regina Bellows

Regina Bellows

Digital Marketing Manager

I handle the digital marketing strategy and execution. When Dodie sees a fellow solopreneur in need of some guidance, she designs a product or event to help them, and then she comes to me to help offer it to them!

Dodie is often my unnofficial career coach — and sometimes life coach. Our conversations are always full of fresh energy and we stay solutions-focused in every project we work on together. She is absolutely one of my favorite people to work with, ever.
My background is with Infusionsoft. I began my marketing career helping to “kickstart” businesses just like Dodie’s while working at Infusionsoft headquarters. Now, 4.5 years later, I have learned a TON about digital marketing, and I have a few startup projects I am working on to apply the skills I’ve learned to a brand of my own.
My favorite things are yoga, tea, and Toronto. I recently discovered curiosity as a great way to work through problems and have been practicing asking all the right questions. I believe curiosity could positively impact the world greatly. In the next decade my main goal is to start and run a successful business, so I can use the money to start and run another, bigger, and socially impactful successful business.

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