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If You Give An Entrepreneur a Cookie

If you give an entrepreneur a cookie, er a semi-automatic marketing machine, she’s going to spend less time on selling. 

If she spends less time on selling, she’s going to have time to focus on the favorite parts of the business.

If she focuses on the favorite parts of the business, she’s going to have more fun.

If she’s having more fun, there’ll be less stress.

If there’s less stress, employees will be more productive.

If employees are more productive, the business will make more money.

If the business makes more money, the entrepreneur can step away from the business more often.

If the entrepreneur steps away from the business more often, the business can grow.

If the business grows, the entrepreneur can invest in more semi-automatic marketing.

To break away from the feast or famine cycle of a small business, invest in setting up a semi-automatic marketing machine, that runs mostly without you, to qualify leads – and in many cases close them right up too!

I’ve not made a sales call in years, while my business has grown exponentially.  I’m taking that newfound time to invest further in more automatic marketing to sell my consulting programs and new digital content products that further allow me to chose how and when I work.

This model is NOT just for information products.  It’s for every business.  Every business.  Your business.

If you’re not sure where to start, schedule a Spot Treatment. You’ll walk away with an audio recording of our session and specific direction about how to implement your own semi-automatic marketing machine.  If you’re already using email communications, social media, and a blog – we’ll instead use this time to string these parts together in a way that drives prospects systematically toward a decision to purchase.


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  1. Barbara Varanka June 2, 2015 at 8:08 am #

    I love this!

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