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Results of My Daring Challenge

Two years ago, in my blog post, Debunking Convention, I daringly challenged myself to grow my consulting business without any face-to-face networking.  The results of my focus are in.

In the first year, I increased my gross income by 30% and the second year increased my income by 40%  – all while working less and with minimal additional overhead.

If I hadn’t set a new challenge to share what has been my work with hundreds of business owners to millions, I’d be working just over a week each month to generate enviable six figures.

I had the same experience as my clients.  After they get clear about what they want, and focus, they get it.  Over and over again.

I’d love to help you focus enough to do the same thing!!  What would you invest to daringly increase your income by tens of percentages?  To have the audacity to work only with clients you truly love and vice versa?  To expect work that makes you feel like you’re in a groove every single day?  To do all this and still have time for the rest of your life?

Onto the next challenge I shall go, eager to prove again the exponential power of daring, clarity, and focus – so you can copy my work.

[nbox type=notice]Homework: Tell me in the comments below, with pinpoint focus, about your own Daring Challenge. [/nbox]


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