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Pattern Making and Breaking

A field of red tulips seen from higher ground creates patterns.

Climb onto higher ground to see your patterns.

When you climb out of the weeds and onto higher ground, it’s easier to see patterns.  Patterns that are working well for you, and patterns that are better changed to create the results you want.

These photographs illustrate exactly what I’m talking about.  Walk the row of growing tulips, and you see color-topped green soldiers en garde.  Fly over the tulip field, and you see a patchwork of clustered colors.

Patterns can be a business breaker, or a business maker.

Some patterns that break your business: time management patterns that have you working late; hiring patterns that allow under-qualified employees; the pattern of ignoring patterns.

Some patterns that make your business:  historic sales patterns to predict the future; click-through patterns to uncover client interests; production patterns for quality control and efficiency.

For all the patterns around you, the most important pattern to establish is the one for measuring patterns, so you can quickly see whether your patterns are makers or breakers.

Pattern making and breaking?  My specialty!  Check out a few ways we might work together regularly.  My clients tell me our collaboration is definitely a pattern that makes businesses.


[nbox type=notice]Homework: Make a list of three patterns that might be breaking your business, and three that are making your business. [/nbox]


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