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Oops – My Mistake!

As long we there are people working in your business, there will be human errors. It’s what you do after the mistake that minimizes the impact.


I don’t expect everyone to be perfect, least of all myself! But I do expect accountability. When your mistakes impact others, apologize, take responsibility for the error, immediately correct the mistake if at all possible, and offer a commensurate bonus gesture or gift.  Now the hard part – move on. Even if your mistake caused a doozy fall that will have you limping for awhile, it’ll be easier to move forward, if you’re not looking back.


[nbox type=notice] Homework:Client Brandon Worrell, Clickfarm, told Circlers about Responsible Sports’ tricks to help young athletes quickly forget their mistakes and stay focused on their next move. Check out No Sweat, and Brush it Off, to inspire your Mistake Ritual.[/nbox]

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