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But The Other Kids Aren’t Doing It

I have the advantage of working with owners of businesses in a lot of different industries.  I often suggest a client try something that’s working for another, and the kneejerk response is often, “but others in my industry don’t work that way.”

My response? So what if the other kids aren’t doing it. What works in another industry likely translates to yours, and someone’s got to take that first leap off the monkey bars to prove it can be done.

Recently, for example, I had a client resist billing for when she provides an opinion about a project’s feasibility, value for which I proposed clients will pay. People need, and cannot proceed, without this professional’s opinion on her subject expertise.  Though her competitors don’t charge for this information, I believe she can and should.  Her service esteem will be a point of difference that, if experience proves true, will likely set a new standard for her industry that competitors will eagerly follow. (Get on the clock as soon as possible with ideas from this previous post.)

Homework: Learning from others’ industries is a great way to get new ideas for your business. If you don’t already have a circle of peer business owners for cross-pollinated thinking, consider joining my Circle of Trust. Though vacancies are rare, email me with your interest, and I’ll let you know what’s possible!


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  1. Jeff Beith January 23, 2014 at 10:16 am #

    My other advisers don’t give this kind of advise. 🙂

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