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Mommy, I’m Bored with This Business

For the uninitiated, it’s hard to imagine a business owner is ever bored, what with the perpetual To Do List, employees knocking at the door, and more bright ideas than time.  Yet within the daily busy-ness of any business, you may be lock-stepped into days of entrepreneurial ennui.  So, get to the bottom of your boredom.  If you can’t identify exactly why you’re bored, here are a couple of exercises that should give you some clues:

  • Think back to when you started your business and why you jumped into the own-your-own water.  Is your boredom the product of your success? Sometimes you hit an aimless plateau after accomplishing your original objectives.
  • Turn the question of what bores you around a bit to find a different answer.  What would it take for you to be excited about your business again? Maybe you dump a long-dreaded task or require a higher standard of performance and behavior from employees.  Maybe you need to earn more money to get the quality of life you want. Answer honestly, no matter how seemingly whiney are your wishes.
  • If you’re still struggling to understand the snore, email me for a little Spot Treatment.  I’ve helped countless business owners get their bore out.

It may take a while to uncover and repair the source of your boredom.  But don’t settle back into your routine until you do. Your dissatisfaction is an invitation to create your ideal business that gives you the energy, creativity, and money you desire.


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  1. Dodie Jacobi October 31, 2014 at 9:46 am #

    Thanks Manoj! I love connecting around good ideas with people across our small planet. Have a great weekend!

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