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Is it Harvard’s Business Model or Yours?

I can help you create the business that the Harvard School of Business would want, but in my experience, that doesn’t always create a happy business owner, nor the results that inspired you to get into business in the first place. Let’s start with understanding what got you in business. Think back — what motivated you in the beginning?

My life’s work is about helping business owners get clear about their ideal, and to create that ideal in a way that generates meaningful return on investments of time, money and creativity.

But let’s be more specific to your definition of ideal business success.  How will you know when you are successful?

Homework: Make a list of what your business and life will be like when you’re successful. Will you still be in business as you are now, doing what you do now?  Will you have more employees?  Will you be retired or onto another business’ launch and growth?  Will you be touring the country as a renowned industry expert?  Will you be on your boat on the lake?

Take a few minutes today to imagine your future and what’s in it.

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