What Kind of Life do You Want to Live?

Most of us were raised by grown ups around us who asked constantly what we wanted to be when we grew up. We invested everything in some vocation, job or career, making it the focal point, while the rest of our lives were expected to fall in around our work. For business owners in particular — who may or may not have planned a business career path — it is often the case that business comes first, and life second.  Often this is by design because we love the business we’re building, or maybe it is a perceived necessity; that’s certainly how many formal business classes present the role of business owner, as one of sacrifice and toil in the name of creating the business’ success.

Business schools around the world position success in terms that measure only aspects of the business like financial net worth, market share, and other tangible metrics. And indeed a business must generate enough money and manage expenses so that it can continue to exist, and so must you — you need a source of income, not a job.

But what if I asked you not what you want to be when you grow up, but what kind of life you want to live?  Think about how your business can grow or evolve to support that quality of life. What if you started measuring your business’ success not just in financial or typical business terms but also in terms of quality of life? What would you change?

4 Comments on “What Kind of Life do You Want to Live?”

  1. Michaek says:

    Excellent, excellent perspective! I didn’t consciously ask that question up front but transitioned to that perspective over my career. Hopefully you can capture a young audience early on. What a great concept for students to be presented with.

  2. Mary Winfrey says:

    Shared with Miss Emma! It is never
    too early to live life to the fullest, eh?

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