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The Business Owners’ Title


The title you choose for the company website or business card tells others your level of authority, what part you play in delivering the company’s product, and your equity position. Choose a descriptive title that accurately conveys these ideas with language that is meaningful to your ideal client.  

For example, if your target clients are large corporations, a more sophisticated title is appropriate, madam President.  In a company built on investors’ capital, the C-suite of titles (CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CIO) is appropriate for company officers.


If you’re a solopreneur, titling yourself CEO comes across as pretentious. A description of your craft would be more accessible:  Architect.  Strategist.  Consultant.  Contractor.  Interior Designer.


Catchy titles are very Fast Company (Chief Idea Officer, Head Brainiac) and ideal if your company’s a think tank for hire.  But obscure cleverness will be too flip when your target audience is city purchasing agents.


Multi-partner companies’ owners often are titled Partner, or Managing Partner for the one authorized to do the business of the business.


Whatever you choose, remember authenticity is where sustainable relationships begin.

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