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The Values Value Proposition

Behind every business is a bunch of humans, each with individual opinions, perspectives and values. Even solopreneurs don’t really work alone, what with their accountant, vendors, and clients. When your values aren’t aligned with those of whom you do business with, energy-sucking conflicts arise.

Irreconcilable differences can be avoided – disagreements like the client who is angry because you aren’t open on weekends, the investor who demands return for shareholders in lieu of key staff bonuses, or the employee who routinely leaves work undone – by seeking relationships with others who share your values.

Values are the principles by which you operate your company and pursue growth. When all humans work around agreed values, businesses grow a lot more smoothly.

Values are a matter of opinion and preference.  Typically, your company values are built atop your personal values.  Know your company’s values and use them to filter for relationships with others who share them.  (Hint: The best relationships are built around those who truly share your values, not just people who are willing to adopt them just to be in the relationship.)

When employees, vendors, clients, partners, and investors are connected through shared values, conflict is reduced, and progress is accelerated.

Homework: If you don’t yet have defined values for your company, make a draft of your principles. Bullet items are fine for starters.  Continue to capture and hone your values till they feel authentic.  Then post them in a place where you can see them every day.

Need a professional’s value-able help?  That’s what I’m here for!


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