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Energy Sips and Gulps


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Like money, humans, and time (the other resources essential for building your business), energy is finite. But you can renew it. (It’s called re-creation for a reason!) 

Sometimes you need new energy — a sip of renewal — in the middle of your workday. Maybe it’s a walk around the block (fresh air and vitamin D – slurp!). Perhaps it’s 15 minutes of reading a business book that inspires new thinking. Or you might put on soothing music and lie on the floor with the lights dimmed for a savasana – yoga’s “corpse pose.”  (I love power naps!)

Sometimes you’ve been running on borrowed energy and need a big gulp to restore. You might energize with a two-week BEING vacation. (No back-to-back sightseeing tours allowed, unless that gives you energy!) My latest favorite gulp is what client Sarah Kucera, of Sage Center for Yoga and Healing Arts, calls a Goal-Free Day!

Know what energizes you before you need it and you’ll be ready with the perfect sips and gulps to quench your energetic thirst.

Homework:  What gives you energy? Share your list of sips and gulps with us in the comments below!


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