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I make my bed every morning. What’s your #1 follow-through ritual?

Weekly vlogger Marie Forleo’s fabulous five-minute post, “How To Follow Through on Your Projects” got me thinking about my own three tricks for following through. 

1.     I make my bed every morning. It’s what Marie would call a “Small Ball.” (You’ll have to watch her video to find out about “Small Balls.”) Pausing to make the bed (a two-minute-max task when taken to completion) epitomizes the value of follow-through, and sets the day’s tone for accomplishment!  

2.     From role model/pal/triathlete/iron-woman Jenne Fromm: When making the choice to work on The Project or not, ask not, “Do I, or don’t I, work on The Project?” Ask, “Do I want to increase my business’ exposure, income and impact – or not?” It changes the weight and focus of the decision to what matters: the REASON for your project.

3.     Reward progress. As you metaphorically “eat an elephant one bite at a time,” pause to reward progress on The Project, especially when the real return is long-term. After all, an elephant eater’s gotta pause to digest. 

Homework:  What helps you follow through on your projects?  Make a list of your own tips (and share them here in the comments, please!), or build on Marie’s and mine to have a cheat sheet ready when you’re feeling slack. 

4 Comments on “I Make My Bed Every Morning”

  1. Jenne Fromm says:

    wonderful post. especially point 2 :)

    When I’m delaying a project or delaying finishing a project I find myself saying “I don’t want to do this right now.” Which is when a *ding* in my head goes off and I can hear my mom saying “If not now, when?” And I realize, it’s not that I don’t want to do this NOW, I really don’t want to do it at all … so really I’m not avoiding the pain, I’m just delaying it. And that often helps me get back to it and finish what I started!

    • Dodie Jacobi says:

      Love the DING Jenne – the trigger that reminds you – WAIT, I remember this moment and I have options! I want to choose something different this time!

  2. Chris says:

    Good stuff, Dodie! Just finished the first chapter for my doctorate. Took me a while to dig in and do it. now I have four more chapters to go. I could benefit from your insights!

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