Easy Out (and In)

It’s easy to work more often than is sustainable long-term, especially if you love your work. (A business owner’s work is never done!) But I have a couple of EASY weekly rituals to assure your time off is just that. 

Ease into each week with a Monday morning “whatamIgonnadothisweek” session. Maintain a to-do list, and prioritize for the amount of time and energy each task takes compared to the time and energy you have available in a given week.  Better to find places to focus more diligently while you’re on duty than allow work to spill into late hours or weekends.

Ease out of each Friday with a final review to determine your “whatIneedtodotoavoidworkingthisweekend” list.

Starting each week with a simple plan gives me clarity and focus. Ending the week with a review to assure the most important tasks are done lets me put work away for a necessary restful weekend.

Business Owner Burnout is a real possibility. For more on the subject, I love this post from talented quilter and blogger Angela Walters.

4 Comments on “Easy Out (and In)”

  1. Such a good reminder – and such a good way to avoid being overwhelmed! A bit of organization keeps me on track with choosing what does and doesn’t matter. Thank you Dodie.

  2. Judith Gallagher says:

    Thank you so much for this tip. I am starting a new semester, and I am definitely going to build in these checkpoints so that I can leave the office feeling like my week’s work is done.

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