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Archive | January, 2013

Yes Your Way Out

When you feel stuck in a client relationship that pays the bills but is otherwise painful, it’s tempting to fire that client as soon as you can afford. Instead of grumpily biding your time till you no longer need said client, what if you could turn the relationship into one that is closer to your ideal? Continue Reading →


No: A Business Owner’s Vocabulary Lesson

One of the most essential terms for business owners to understand and master is the word “No.”  Learn its meaning. Get comfortable saying it aloud. Practice if you need to. Continue Reading →


Solopreneur Backup

Solopreneurs sometimes wish they were more than a solo act. When you’re ready for a little backup, here’s the order I recommend for hiring help.  Continue Reading →


Easy Out (and In)

It’s easy to work more often than is sustainable long-term, especially if you love your work. (A business owner’s work is never done!) But I have a couple of EASY weekly rituals to assure your time off is just that.  Continue Reading →


Start Here

A startgate full of horses about to start the race.

I love startup ventures and have lots of experience in going from zero to 60 mph.  Since my time can be expensive for a new business, I don’t get to work at the front end too often.  So here are seven steps for those just getting started or wanting to choose something new next time around.   Continue Reading →


Debunking Convention

A year ago as part of my annual planning process, I committed to doing all my networking virtually, a counter-intuitive move for one whose work is so personal.  So how did this experiment work?  Let’s just say my mobanker is still wondering if I’ve changed professions.  

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Technical Debt

Client Brandon Worrell, who leads a team of programmers at Clickfarm Interactive, introduced me to the geek term “technical debt,” which perfectly explains the risk of hiring someone inexperienced at a lower cost rather than a more expensive, experienced candidate.  Continue Reading →


Accountant Graduation

It’s time to send 1099s and financial statements to my Accountant’s office for tax filings.  But it takes more than a good Tax Accountant* to build a business.  As your business grows, there is a logical graduation of increased assistance and expertise you need to manage your growing pile of moolah.   Continue Reading →