A Random Christmas

I’m so impressed with client J. Schmid & Associates’ brilliant alternative to the usual company Christmas party.

J. Schmid is celebrating in a more meaningful way with random acts of kindness.  Ideas like thank you notes to public servants mean kindness needn’t have a price tag.  But other acts, like delivering poinsettias to the infirmed, and picking up the tab at an Aldi’s checkout line for a happily surprised shopper, are heart-warming alternatives for the party budget.  (The bonus random act?  All sorts of camaraderie from the staff’s acting it all out.)

Homework:  My clients, colleagues, friends, and family are all so very blessed that I struggle each year to find meaningful gifts. So how does your company celebrate the season creatively?  Share your ideas in the comments to inspire us all.

3 Comments on “A Random Christmas”

  1. Phil Kinen says:

    It is still very mannerly and appropriate to send clients gifts or show up at a party with something in hand. But yet all the people I know already have enough wine, candy, household trinket or what not. For a number of years now, I buy 20-25 toys. I then donate a toy to Toys for Tots in my client or hosts bame. And it still gives me a legit excuse to mill around in the toy section!

  2. Phil Kinen says:

    In addition to donating in my host’s bame, I even go the further mile and donate the toys in their name, also.

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