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Archive | December, 2012

Partner Therapy

The difference between business consulting and Partner Therapy is whether there’s a Kleenex box on my conference table.  Continue Reading →


Entrepreneurs’ Annual Hibernation

Just when our culture pulls us toward more parties and to-do lists than ever, this seasonal force of nature’s darker days drags us into energetic respite. So what’s a busy entrepreneur to do? Continue Reading →


A Random Christmas

I’m so impressed with client J. Schmid & Associates’ brilliant alternative to the usual company Christmas party. Continue Reading →


The Easiest Blog

Since I started blogging, my income has grown while doing more of the work I love most, and I’m not the only one reporting such success.  But I’m a writer, so this has been an obvious medium for me.  If you’re not so wordy, your blog doesn’t have to be either. Continue Reading →


Predicting the Future

I call it Future Truth: the only thing we can predict about the future is unpredictability. And Future Truth seems like the perfect justification for not making plans.  Continue Reading →


Reason to Celebrate

It’s been two years since my first blog post, and tomorrow I’m celebrating with my fabulous team by planning our next year’s growth. I know what’s up my sleeve, but can’t wait to see what these talented humans will pull out of their party hats.  Continue Reading →