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Seekers Need Apply

I love seekers — people who are ever-open to new thoughts, methods, and experiences. But we curious ones are often so busy seeking, we don’t make time to apply what we’re learning. 

When you schedule time to take a class, read a how-to book, or meet with your favorite Sherpa, also schedule time afterward to apply what you’ve learned.

Homework:  Do it now!  Go to your calendar, find your next meeting with me or another advisor in your world, and block out the hour afterward for you to reflect and take action.  If yours is a recurring appointment (like Circle of Trust, or a quarterly Mountain Time meeting), set your Reflect and Apply appointment for recurrence too.


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  1. Judith Gallagher November 19, 2012 at 1:21 pm #

    I will totally do this, and I’m going to share this tip with my department chairs so that we can all maximize the good things we learn at conferences and seminars and such. Thanks!

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