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Archive | November, 2012

The Limited Offer

For the past decade, marketeers have  been on a customization jag intended to give customers personalized options. But limiting the options you offer is the better choice for you and your client.  Continue Reading →


Play With Your Food: A “Tidbits” Encore

One of my favorite annual activities is a collaborative effort with my brother, Wick, a talented art director and writer. We e-publish a cookbook for family, friends, and clients.

Wick and I work together often and enjoy doing so, but our annual cookbooks remind us of the power of play in our work. Now, when we find ourselves with jaws set, plowing to force an invisible solution, one of us will just say the word “tidbits,” and we’ll get a little sugar rush of creativity. In the end, playing well with others is flat out more fun than frowning hard.

Homework:  Download your gift copy of Tidbits, get together with some pals, and play with your food.



Seekers Need Apply

I love seekers — people who are ever-open to new thoughts, methods, and experiences. But we curious ones are often so busy seeking, we don’t make time to apply what we’re learning. 

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Divide and Conquer

When you’re at your individual limit, it can be confusing to decide how to delegate your sole labor to free you for growth.  Continue Reading →


That’s the Deal

If you’ve ever loved and lost another human, a beloved animal, a hard-tended business, or a carefully dreamed idea, loving again can provoke fears you might lose again.  Continue Reading →


The Subconscious Conspiracy

With 97% of your brain engaged in subconscious activity, it can sometimes feel like the sub’s conspiring against what your conscious brain wants.  Continue Reading →