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Who’s Your Ideal Client?

The first step toward working only with clients that you want is to get specific about your Ideal Client. 

Homework:  Make a list of the criteria by which you define your Ideal Client. It can be helpful to think of specific clients, what has worked well (or hasn’t), and why. An example list could read:

  • contract amount is at least $X
  • offers recurring income opportunities
  • follows our processes
  • meets our deadlines
  • respects our expertise
  • designates a single decision-maker
  • has a good sense of humor (aka they’re fun to work with!)
  • pays on time without whining
  • brags about the impact of our work and regularly refers business

Focus all your energy and resources on getting more of what you want.  You can always take on clients that are less-than-ideal to keep your cash flowing, but your proactive efforts will be focused only on your Ideal.

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