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Nimble Company

Photo by: Patti Trabon

Moving cows is a much more methodical activity than it seems to the Spaghetti Western watcher. Cow herding, cutting and sorting are not about speed, but about quickness.  Rush at a vulnerable calf, and you end up racing around at the calf’s beck instead of your call. Instead, approach the calf with calm focus, and be prepared to quickly shift direction when the calf changes course. I feel a metaphor coming on. 

I subscribe to a magazine called Fast Company, and love its periscopic perspective, clever design, and stories of market-responsive maneuvers. But I think the magazine’s title encourages the wrong focus. Growing a business isn’t about speed, but quickness. The better title would be Nimble Company.



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  1. Crystal Leaman September 20, 2012 at 10:27 am #

    Great picture and sooooooooo true!

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