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“This is SO Fun.” / “This isn’t fun.”

Two different statements, from two different clients:  “This is SO fun,” and  “this isn’t fun.”  What’s the difference between these two?

“SO Fun” is surrounded by a talented team that shares his values and vision.  He can trust his staff to perform its role well. “Isn’t Fun” struggles with a staff that isn’t as well-cast, so all the poo that happens runs straight uphill into his lap. And a poo-filled lap is most definitely NOT fun.

We’ve been taught to believe we have to put up with the poo, almost as penance for the perks of business ownership. And indeed there are aspects of every business that only you can address, but delegating as much as possible to talented others leaves you open to do that which only you can do, and eventually only that which you want to do, which is my definition of SO fun.

One Response to “This is SO Fun.” / “This isn’t fun.”

  1. Jan Tracy September 4, 2012 at 9:09 pm #

    SO True!

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