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The Shortest Distance Between Two People

The shortest distance between two points, er people, is a straight line.

Political blogger/actor/Mudd ad executive, Gary Kroeger, writes:

“My phrase for the day is: ‘Draw a straight line.’ So much of our political discourse, our professional, and personal relationships are being defined by language that is designed to distract or to navigate around how we really feel. Don’t be rude — but be direct. Don’t insult, but tell the truth. Say what you mean, or say nothing. Draw straight lines between problems and solutions.”

Gary’s Rule is ruling my relationships like a good editor, who clears out the meaningless, flowery, and sounded-perfect-at-the-time.


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  1. Crystal Leaman August 23, 2012 at 10:40 am #

    Good day to read this as I had a rather difficult issue to address with an employee. Thinking of being direct as most respectful – and keeping in mind the person’s perspective made it altogether a clearer and more successful communication. Thanks for a good reminder!

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