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Archive | August, 2012

Every Horse Has Five Hooves

Rushing to the end of a project, day, or any task risks short-changing quality. Crystal Mavel, the ferrier who trims my horse Sami’s hooves each month, has a trick to make sure the last hoof gets a trim as good as the first three: she imagines every horse has five hooves. Continue Reading →


Mutha Bubble Strategy

You can see it coming, one mutha of a bubble ahead filled with more than usual project deadlines. Perhaps you’re onboarding a big new client who needs extra attention, or playing a crucial role in an upcoming family wedding, in addition to your usual daily tasks. You might be able to survive a day or two with some Gitterdun, but gritting your teeth for much longer isn’t sustainable.  Continue Reading →


Small Business, Big Perks

Small business owners can be sheepish employers, thinking that what they offer isn’t competitive with what a big business can offer. Yet there are plenty of people who would rather work for you – especially when you perk them up with benefits they can’t find in Fortune’s 100+. Continue Reading →