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Archive | July, 2012

Two Questions

I have two questions worthy enough to post next to my computer:

  • “Is There Another Way?” reminds me to stay nimble.  Whether I’m trying to ride a pattern on horseback in a crowded arena, or fighting to get my sleeping bag back into its stuff sack, there’s always another way. Just asking the question leads to ingenuity, pattern breaking, fluidity, and progress.
  • “Is this the best use of my time?” keeps me on task and off tangents. Sometimes the unexpected detour is where I need to swerve, but this question makes me pause and choose.

Homework: What’s posted next to your computer?


Pitch and Catch

Digital marketing is the new label for what once was interactive marketing, and before that online marketing.  The term comprises an ever-evolving cluster of game-changing tools that let you do more than pitch new business in a magazine ad.  With digital marketing, you can engage prospects in a “hot box” that makes and keeps customers (very affordably). So if you’ve not yet started email blasts, don’t quite get blogging, or think social media is for amateurs, it’s time to play ball.  If I had a scoreboard, I’d write on it: “Digital marketing is the most immediately valuable action you can take to build your business this year!”  Continue Reading →


One Good Turn

When you wonder why it’s sometimes so hard to clear a new path, try a different method, or imagine another way, watch this two-minute video about The Asch Experiment. Then keep your hat on and face your own direction.


The Brand

(No animals will be harmed in the using of this brand.)

With rocking R’s, and lazy D’s, the earliest brands marked livestock to deter theft, and return wandering cows to their rightful ranchers. My brand for the (someday) Dode Ranch hangs among other members’ brands —  a cool traditional mark made upon initiation, right after you get your dove-grey Stetson cowboy hat — at the Saddle & Sirloin Club in south Kansas City.  But alas, when it comes to a business or product brand, that has to convey much more than what a cattle brand would. Continue Reading →


Is This Your Best Price?

It’s going to happen: at some point, someone’s going to ask if you’ve quoted your best price, so have your response ready to recite or write. Certainly, it’s easiest to never discount your pricing, but there may be reasons to drop your price that will benefit you as much as your customer. Continue Reading →


May I Quote You?

Second perhaps only to a personal referral, testimonial quotes from happy clients and colleagues accelerate new relationships and build credibility. In less than five minutes, you can start your archive of quotes now, and you’ll have a constant resource to plug into promotional campaigns and proposals ever after. Continue Reading →


“Suck It Up” Is Not My Advice

One of my clients called to ask whether she should continue writing a series of articles in a local print publication. Each article has been a challenge and the results intangible. She thought I would tell her to just get over it, and keep doing the work until she got different results, but “suck it up” is never my advice. Continue Reading →