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Archive | June, 2012

Grade Expectations

I’m a big believer in setting specific goals. I believe the universe provides, but we have to do the math. Every day I see miracles – real miracles – happen in response to this specificity.  But sometimes we miss the goal and lose energy in the ensuing disappointment and self-doubt.

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Hot Potato

Whew! Now that’s delivered, you can recover from the big crunch until your client gets back to you with revisions (or so goes the game of Hot Potato in a deadline-driven business). Yet waiting passively for the next stage in a project delays progress payments, crowds future projects in your production line, and leaves an unprofessional impression. Continue Reading →

Yippee People Wanted

I look for Yippee People. They’re the ones that whenever I see them, a little yip hops inside, because I know our time together is going to be worth a whoop!