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Archive | May, 2012


While I’ve never been asked to give a commencement speech, I’m often asked to speak to a recent grad, the out-of-work friend, or the aimless young adult.  My advice is pretty much the same for them all.  Continue Reading →


Wiggle With My 60/40 Rule

Typical of any week before a holiday weekend — and many weeks that have no visible excuse for shortchanged time — I’m longing for extra work days as much I am for the time off.  While I roll what is yet undone into next week’s plans, I’ll reboot my schedule with one that is better balanced by my 60/40 rule. Continue Reading →


It’s Deductible!

Ah yes, I remember my first business. I had such an easy justification for spending beyond what was necessary — “It’s tax deductible!” But remember that portion of the expense that is “tax deductible”? It’s still coming out of your cash coffers, risking Continue Reading →