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Your Energy Account Balance

For any endeavor’s success, you need to allocate resources.  We typically think of Money, People, and Time.  But interestingly, most of my clients who’ve closed their businesses have done so for lack of energy, not money! So, I always include energy on the list of resources I’ll need.

Like money, energy can be deposited and withdrawn.  During the next week, observe the different aspects of your work and life, and jot which experiences give you energy and which take energy away. This exercise (thanks to author Marcus Buckingham) is best done in real-time, not when you’re sitting in your office thinking about an average day.  Hint:  It’s quite common to start a business because you love building tree houses, but product demand means you no longer have your hands on the hammer.  Which gives you more energy – building the tree house or supervising the builders?

Review your notes at the end of the week.  What’s the net balance in your Energy Account?

Brainstorm ways you can eliminate energy withdrawals and increase energy deposits. Ending the day with a net energetic gain could be as simple as delegating those activities that are more costly than their worth.  And of course, if I can help, let’s schedule some time together!

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  1. atakcmo May 15, 2014 at 9:55 am #

    So true. Seems like the energy, like money, has an ebb and flow. I have to try to capitalize on the times when my account is full, and when it’s low try to remember to make deposits. Great post.

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