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Spring Break? What’s That?

It’s called a vacation, and if you can’t remember the last time you took even a long weekend truly off, do I have a mandatory homework assignment for you!

Small business owners often (through guilt, adrenaline addiction, or a misguided sense of duty) are reluctant to take more than a day off here and there.  But at least a week away every quarter is essential for keeping your business’ leading employee refreshed.  Visits to family or tours with your little soccer star don’t count!   Only activities that restore energy count.

Wean into the idea by going to a trade conference or a destination where you can visit peers in another market to swap ideas.  Soon you’ll graduate from the working vacation to real time off.

Mandatory Homework:  Independence Day is getting to be like that last week of each year (when companies are virtually, or really, closed for a whole week between Christmas and New Year’s).  Even if you’re the only one in your industry to skip out, you won’t miss much. Use those two weeks every year for guilt-free vacation time. Mark your calendar now!


2 Responses to Spring Break? What’s That?

  1. Crystal Leaman April 24, 2012 at 9:33 am #

    Excellent reminder – and so very true! We’ve finally scheduled some time off in May and just knowing that we’ll have that time off has lightened my spirit considerably:)


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